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Broken Gear
This villain empty! YEET!
Why is Stanley?
They told me I could be anyone...
So my friend forced me to be EVERYONE
Seems androids DON'T dream of electric sheep, after all. Or anything else for that matter.
I wonder, how many times has this happened before?
Also, fool fell in love with an aspiring supervillain. What did he expect?
Kinesis be like: "My disappointment is immeasurable. And my day is ruined."
What absoulute barbarians would drink tap water without boiling it??? Unless nanites can somehow bear that much heat.

Also, please tell me all the „Wills” will be connected into hivemind. Else the effects will be… messy (not that Will having a power trip over having so many bodies would be much better but still…)
The way his head is turned in the last panel makes makes me think he just broke his own neck
Nope, sorry, just checked TvTropes page for it and it seems I screwed up here. Title drop is apparently when title is incorporated into DIALOGUE not a title of subsection.
Sorry for confusion, and I hope you see this.
We are getting a title drop?
Shit just got real.
I too would be mad if I found out my minion was eavesdropping on my private conversations.
GGwp, mister Angush.
So... this is the part where they either end the call or, on the next page, Anguish will start laughing.
Oh! He might also start cackling maniacally after they end the call!
...Well at least I hope something like that happens. What can I say? I love me some cliches.
And that helps them how exactly?
What are they going to just blackmail him?
You know, the guy with most money, power and a lot of experience behind his belt?
I really hope they have some half solid plan.
Um, sorry but, what?
Just because you know how to put on a good PR doesn't mean you play nice. Ask any CEO of any company (except perhaps Google because they are on the level where they don't really have to care)
Unfortunately, having a plan and having effective plan are often 2 different things.
The way I see it, Kinny knows that the moment the situation seems stable enough Anguish will want to call in "a few" Favours from them. And he knows that if that happens, Lemon and Lime are in the Villain business for the rest of their days.
Can't wait to see how this backfires
<strike>Aww, that's so sweet</strike>
Erm, I mean, what a disgusting waste of everyone's time and energy
Either they are instrumental to his plans, it's not that much money for him to give for a big favour or both
Now I know that many will say or think somethig to the effect of "Oh wow, the Company is really evil". But ask yourself: If you were in their position, wouldn't you do the same?