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i like Mega Man X Totaly different person then mega man
i like corvettes, guns, girls, and now spriting
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    Tanner Pajor
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As a master of weaponry, I can totally make that work
Sounds like an interesting back story.....
Almost as good as my own
Hey... Not trying to go out on a limb here... but you guys need to branch out your jokes or leaf them alone, because you guys are treely barking up the wrong tree, so just stick to your day jobs
Wish I had working sprites, Maybe Hvac could help calm Ray calm down by making weapons of unessesery Mass destruction
But then... because it was Chris's money to buy the stuff.... That makes it Chris's.... not Rays.....
On youtube, there is some thing called the Dinosaur Yate club, how ever you spell it
Tails should hire me, I have an entire army and more to aid me, and we can invade Eggmans place instead, and have no problem getting in
Wish I had my sprites readily availible right now, I got some robots that are ready for action, kinda like an after math project to help save the world
Am i the only one who got Lightnings referance? Its in honor of a great Mega Man Universe only comic
First thought this was going in a Red VS Blue way
Perhaps Acrosurge, But Hvac is an all around player, meaning he can fight afar or near, but his real specialty is CQC, if he can get close enough, and able to charge enough electricity using the Elemental Diamond of electricity, then one bolt through the chest should be enough
I think Hvac would have a small chance.... Not much, He can at least take out the Zero, X, and Mega Man with a massive EMP, The Mario Brothers would be a little harder, but Sonic and Shadow and Knuckles would be a problem
Eh, Even if he does have that power, i can still beat him
I can already dramatic pose, and why is X floating upside down in the last panel?
Is that......... Glados?
September 14th, 2011
Hey, Hes capable, Especially ifhehasacrushonherwhat? No one saw a thing *flees*
September 11th, 2011
Shard needs to hire a body guard, and one with a few hundred men behind him, with a lot of armored Vehicals, Luckly, I know just the person, Me