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And we're back with Chapter 3.

So yeah, adding a bit to the confusion here, our alien friend doesn't have a gender... So that might make things a bit more complicated.
Along with Q&As, I want to do these one off pages in-between chapters or issues. Don't worry, the comic is NOT switching to B&W. I'm doing these in B&W for multiple reasons. To set them apart from the regular pages and the other reason is I'm working on an exclusive comic for my Patreon and it'll be in B&W. So a little practice isn't a bad thing.

And I won't lie folks... I really like it! :)

Hope you do too!

Chapter 3 will start next week!

(And I'll make the announcement about the Patreon comic when I'm closer to beginning it.)
A little more behind the scene look at the development of Callie here. Hope you enjoy it!
@Akamaz: That's... Almost a complete certainty. You might remember Callie's bosses mentioning they met each other ten years prior?
So here we are. Our first Q&A. Like Callie mentions, I could have answered all these in the comments, but I think this is a little more fun for us all. I think I'd like to do these each in-between chapters or issues.
A day late, but hey... the chapter is done now! And this page is important too. Because we're either 20%-25% done with the story. I've had a lot of false starts in making comics for the last few years, so this is a big personal moment for me.

Next chapter is going to be a big important one. Probably the most important one in the entire book. I hope you'll like it.

But before then, we're taking a bit of a break here, to give me time to get somewhat ahead. Not a huge break... Like a couple of weeks. (Three tops.) And during these weeks, I'll be posting concept art, pinups and the Q&As that I've been collecting questions to. So it's not like I'm just gonna abandon everything for that time. We'll start that sometime this week.

Again, any questions, feel free to ask away and I'll answer them. :)
@Akamaz: I hope you're not the only one that hears it, because that's how we write her. :)
@jy3ext: Hold that thought until Monday.

Seriously, did you get a hold of our script? :P
Okay, it's only Tuesday and not Wednesday yet, but I figured what the hell. I'll update it a little early.

So here's the next page. As mentioned last time, next page will be the end of the issue, and we'll take a short break where I'll post some artwork and answer some questions. If you got any, ask away, and I'll answer them!
@jy3: Name and equation. It's a reference to Bekenstein–Hawking theory of Black Hole Entropy.

This will make perfect sense very shortly.
And we're back and I'm sorry about the week off there. We had company the weekend before and last week was my birthday, and we had family things going on and... Ah... In short. Life happened.

Anyway, new page here. And the next page will go up on Wednesday! Because next Monday's page is actually the last page of this chapter, as well as this issue. (When collected that is.)

So there's a scheduled little break in-between issues. Nothing serious like the last time. It's just two weeks. But during that two weeks, I got a couple of Stargazer Apogee themed commissions that I got from my Patreon I was planning on posting, as well a few concept drawings. But I'd like to be a little more interactive if possible.

So if you got any questions, I'll happily answer any. And I'll ACTUALLY answer them and not be all "Well, you'll just have to wait and see!" (As long as it's not direct spoilers.) So if you have any questions, ask away and I'll start answering them next week.

Anyway... I hope you enjoy the update and I'll see y'all on Wednesday!
Our heroes finally talk to each other... And yeah. This is the results. :)

Some delays on this one. We had a busy weekend here. Looking at the week ahead, with some company coming this weekend... Next Monday will be a single page update as well. But after that, I'll be able to catch up again. So, sorry for the continued delays and I hope you like it. :)
I was looking forward to this page for the longest time. Not only does this page signify the turning point in the entire story where things start happening, but it's also the page I knew how it'd look before the first draft of the comic was made. (Back when it was a reboot of my old comic series.)

I hope you like it, because these are our heroes, folks. :)

Next page I'm hoping will be up sometime this week, but it might be delayed again, so heads up.
So the next page, and the beginning of one of our favorite scenes in the entire story.

I'm sorry for the slight delay on this one. I have a couple of commissions, so the next page will be delayed too... But only until next Monday. It was going to go up Wednesday, but I had some tablet issues this week that made me fall behind a bit, so sorry about that. But yeah... Monday. :)

One thing was that I did a halfway switch to a blend of digital and manual inking for the page here. I'm not noticing much of a difference.
So we have the next new scene! Completed with the introduction of our villainess, Atrax!

I started a few extra mirror sites, and everyone else has finally caught up with us here. So we're now all on the same page. That said, the next update will probably start again on the twice a week update schedule, not next week, but the following week. Maybe sooner.
Hey, a comic page! OH MY GOD!

I was talking to my wife earlier about how I feel like I should have completed this page before the hiatus. But she did put it correctly... There was a lot of shit going on at that time. And now that it's over with, it's easy to forget that at that time, we were near panic attacks on a daily basis. So yeah... That's over with now.

This doesn't mean that this is going to be starting again on a normal schedule yet. I just needed to get this last page out of the way. It's the final page of the scene, and with what I'm wanting to do... It's kind of an odd duck here. So I need to get it out, so the scene is complete.

What I'm gonna start doing is releasing the pages, not per chapter, like I originally planned... But by scene. So if one scene is three pages, then all three pages are released at once. If it's five, then five. (The third chapter is actually one whole scene... I may just break it up, as I think there's a decent break near the middle for it.) That way, it'll be less of a wait between updates. (But if you're a supporter on Patreon, you can see them as I do them.)

So I apologize for the insane delay like this, but things have finally settled down a bit and I can begin work again. :)
Welp, the wedding is over, the cross state move is completed, and we even have a new dog to boot. (He's a beagle.)

So right now, I'm gonna start back to work here, and upon completing the chapter, upload it all at once (or on a day by day basis) and then take a small break and start all over again. (Though if you're a subscriber to my Patreon, you can see them as I make them.)

I'm also going to create a few mirror sites too. I'll let you know when I got those going too.

So yeah. Back to work now! I'll keep you posted here about new information. :)
@Forecaster: It's coming back soon. I promise. It's been a hectic couple of months, as I got married, moved across state, got a house, and a beagle, who's a shithead. Things have FINALLY settled down and I'm actually working on it... Like right now actually.

I want to get the entire chapter done first before I post it though. So a little bit longer. Hope that's cool. :)
So this was something I was hoping I could avoid. But apparently, life decided otherwise.

I’ll be blunt. The comic is going on hiatus until at least sometime in March or so.

Here’s what’s going on. I’ve mentioned that my fiancé Andrea (who is also the co-writer of the comic), we’re getting married as well as moving across state to Pittsburgh. We thought it’d be a lot more spaced out. However, due to her job requiring her to start a few weeks earlier than we expected… We’re literally getting married and then moving a day or two later. On this same note, I need to find a more stable source of income, because… Well, this ain’t exactly paying the bills. So I have to find work out there as well. Basically we have three major life events happening at the exact same time.

Needless to say, we are stressed and freaking out like crazy.

So like I said. Hiatus. And when we return, I’m going to try something I think is a little crazy. Hear me out here.

My last webcomic, Shadowgirls, ended prematurely as well, on a cliffhanger with no resolution due to creative differences. I always hated that and I will be damned to let that happen again. I really like this story and we’re only just at the beginning of it. (We’re like already one sixth of the way through the first volume.) I want to see this through. So in March or so, things will hopefully have calmed down by then and I can resume production of sorts again.

But one of the problems I think with telling a long form dramatic comic book as a webcomic is having to read each page a few day at a time. Let’s face it. If you’re taking your time with 16 pages to establish mood and tone is all neat, but in webcomics terms, that’s two months. I don’t know if I have the patience for that pace. And I’m the creator! This is not a unique complaint. How many people actually wait for a few weeks to read a comic in binge format? Quite a lot, I believe.

We write these chapters in 12 page increments. When we come back, I’m not going to update the comic on a page by page basis anymore. We’re going to upload the entire chapter at once. Does that mean longer in-between updates? Yeah, it will. But I think it’ll be better for it. (Hey, a lot of us read monthly comic books. This hopefully will be no different.) Also, if I get to a page that requires a little more time on it? Then I can spend time on it, without feeling rushed for the update time. Now I do not know if anyone else has done this, and yes, I know the arguments against doing it this way. Hell, a few weeks ago, I would have agreed with them. But it’s an interesting experiment, and let’s be honest… I’m in an actual position to get experimental here.

Now if you’re a follower of mine on Patreon, I’ll be posting the pages there as I complete them, and I’ll put them in the $1 category to boot. But eventually, you’ll get them here too.

I apologize for this mess. I didn’t really plan things out as well as I would have liked. But hopefully you’re all cool with this and this will be better all around in the long run. Thanks for understanding and we’ll see you sometime in March or so.

-Dave Reynolds