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And Callie returns home. Poor Cal...

So, about this time, I should talk about stuff coming up. Obviously Christmas is in a few weeks here, but I don’t believe that’ll affect us, as it falls on a Monday, so updates like normal there. (Ditto for New Years.) In fact, we should be pretty clear and on course all the way to the end of the first episode here, which should wrap up on Jan. 2nd.

We’ll probably take a week off after that. In fact, just expect a week off in-between all normal length episodes. (A normal length episode is 12 pages.) Even though it falls on a Tuesday, and is only eleven updates, next week Thursday’s (the 21st) update is actually two pages. One’s a splash page, and kind of two parts of the same scene, and I didn’t feel right splitting it up like that. (It’ll make sense when you see it.)

However, some time after that, I’ll not only be moving across state to Pittsburgh, but getting married sometime next year. That may cut into things a bit and I will give you a heads up if that happens. But otherwise, we should be on course here.
@Angry Spork: There's a *little bit* more to it than that. But that'll be revealed sometime this season.
You know how a lot of stories goes through multiple revisions before the final one? Well, this one was no different. Originally, the opening scene of the comic was Callie coming home from college, and somewhat arrogantly thinking that she’ll find a new job in no time, since she’s got a degree. Well, as most of us who have student loan debts will agree with, that’s far easier said than done. There was a montage of her having various interviews, including:

• A Barista (which was already overstaffed and not hiring)
• A Pharmacy Tech Job (which she was unqualified for)
• An Insurance Job that wanted her to spend two grand of her own money to get certified. (Two grand she didn’t have.)
• A Waitress at the Unilateral House of Waffles, but they’re OVERhiring.
• A Hostess at a strip club, but she just outright said “no”.
• A pizza shop sign spinner where she’s baffled it requires five years of experience.
Until finally coming home to tell her mom that she got a job at the Tacocat.

While some of that would have been funny, it really would have slowed the story down.

And there was also another page, right after this one, where she had a longer conversation with Mike there… But it ended up being kinda redundant, as there was no new information revealed and it also didn’t really push the story forward any.

I still might draw those pages for the collection though.
One if the problems when starting a new series that's released on a twice-a-week format is that it can take a little bit to get the story going. I mean, these first seven pages are essentially character building pages for Callie, as well as showing her world. If I was smart, I would have uploaded the first seven pages all in one fell swoop and started with page eight... But as I am only JUST about to start drawing page eight, that would be putting me in a bit of a bind.

Originally my plan was to draw this entire book, all 70 something pages, before starting to upload anything. But as anyone who's done a webcomic know, it's easy to talk yourself into postponing things, saying I'll do this and that later. I had been trying to get anew comic started for almost six years now. Now granted I had a long history of what happened between now and then, and sometimes it wasn't my fault. (Uprooting my entire life and moving across several starts to be with Andrea, getting a new job, odd ass hours, getting engaged and dealing with a bout of depression that I needed meds for, etc.) And other times, it was totally my fault. (One word: Overwatch.)

I was originally going to wait until early January to launch, but I realized that if I didn't do it now... I was always going to have some excuse. So I forced myself to launch. Currently I'm three weeks ahead and hopefully I can keep it that way. :)
@Guest: Eight to ten years afterward, give or take. Callie's about two years younger than Becka.
@OwlBear: Not in this first volume. But down the road, it's highly likely. Both books take place in New England. (And it'd be a more than just a cameo.)
So it's been a few years since I've had an ongoing series. And it's taking me a little bit to get back into the groove of this whole comic book production bit here. Originally I was going to plan for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule, but then I remember just how utterly miserable I was back in the old comic series on that schedule. And I was mostly single and unemployed then. Now? Not so much. I mean, basically the entire webcomic industry has almost completely changed since the Shadowgirls years... And for the better I think. But yeah it's like trying to re-learn to ride a bike again... And I remember I used to fall off my bike a lot.

By the way, for those curious: Shadowgirls? Same universe.
@Akamaz: Weeelllll... The Tacocat logo WAS done in a high resolution... *hmmm*
@Inara Jones: That's okay... I may or may not have been checking this on and off all night. :)
And it begins!

This comic started life off as a reboot of sorts to my old webcomic series Shadowgirls. But as production developed, it was so drastically different, it felt like one of those "in name only" sort of deals. So it became it's own thing, unrelated to the former series. And I think it's far better for it. I would love to tell you all the things I have planned for this, but this is just the first page... And I'd rather let the work speak for itself.

This is the first book called Apogee, which will be about roughly 80-90 pages. We'll update on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I won't be posting pinups or filler material for this. I want to keep the pages here to be actual PAGES, so if you're reading through, you're not going to have a pause in the story to show some pinup I drew while on a bender.

So that's it. I hope you like what you see and that you'll stick around to enjoy the series.

Welcome to Stargazer.
Welcome to Stargazer: Apogee
...I’m finally going to do this.

Hi there.

My name is Dave Reynolds and along with co-writer Andrea Mullen, we’re the creators of this comic you’ll be reading. Inspired by the music of David Bowie, Stargazer is about a recent college graduate named Callie Kendall, who’s returning home to her small hometown in coastal Maine… A place she doesn’t have a lot of fond memories of. One night, she befriends a small marooned two and a half foot tall alien. And that’s when life turns weird as her hometown has become ground zero for multiple extraterrestrial incursions and superhuman dangers. 

I haven’t done an ongoing webcomic in a long time, keeping to the Tuesday and Thursday deadlines here. The webcomic field has changed drastically since then, and I’ll be honest… I’m pretty intimidated. So fair warning right now: I’m gonna screw up. I’m gonna miss deadlines. I’ll endeavor not to. But just be prepared that it will probably happen. Though if I do, I’ll make sure to let you all know. Also, I’m getting married soon (to the fore-mentioned co-writer) so expect a little downtime from that!

The format here is going to be told in “episodes” of 8-12 pages and the first volume here (called Apogee, as seen in the title) is going to be eight episodes long. As we continue, if you do like what you see and you want to support it, I do have a Patreon that you can donate to, which will help out immensely.

We launch on Nov. 28th. I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the comic. If you have any questions, I’ll answer whatever I can.