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This is a short description of my likes, hobbies and stuff. It's very important as you can well see.
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Well, we're back. This took longer than I expected... We had to take the dog to the vet (nothing serious, he's okay), we have company visiting this weekend (they're awesome) and this entire last week was one frustrating political nightmare I would LOVE to go off and rant about, but I'm a public servant, so I cannot.

So here's the new batch of pages which wraps up the chapter here. And as you see, we now have an official name for the alien as well as a few more clues to her past. And it looks like it didn't take too long for trouble to rear it's ugly head up...

I'll be doing the next update like this, with multiple pages, so it'll be a few weeks before then. But before that, I'll be updating a small B&W comic, like I did last time we were in-between chapters.

Hope you like the update and I'll see you then!
With this recent page, I’m changing some release scheduling up a bit. Instead of releasing it a page at a time, on a weekly basis… I’m going to do what I was going to do all along, but I got talked out of.

Instead of releasing the pages one at a time, I’m going to release them in batches. So instead of going a week at a time, you’ll get a entire scene at a time. This takes the deadline pressure off, and allows me to do other things that are kinda important too. (Which I’ll make an announcement about soon.) This is NOT a hiatus. It’s not even a break. That’s basically it. No tragedy or conspiracy. It’s just me putting the work out in batches instead of one at a time. (Though my Patreon will get the pages as they're made.)

So when will the next one be out? Well, no idea, but I’m guessing two or three weeks. If it takes longer, it’s because there’s artwork being done. That’s all. Hope you're all cool with it.

We’ll catch back up with Callie next time, and settle on a name for our muppet-like alien.
And welcome back folks. And yeah... Miss Wayfer is not exactly a kind hearted individual, huh?

Now that Atrax is reminded of her place, so to speak, join us back here next time as we find out the details of her mission to Earth and what it entails for our cast of heroines.
New page and we meet one of Atrax's superiors: Neko Wayfer.

Yeah, I apologize for nothing for that name. :P

And for those few that are curious, Galatean days all begin with a X, and they are Xanaphobus, Xenokrates, Xashron, Xectra & Xoop. I had that as a caption note on the page... But I decided to hold off and add that into the appendix when the story here is collected.
And here's the new page. I'm sorry for the delay. I started a new job at the library this last couple weeks, and I needed to do training for it. Also the flow of this scene wasn't quite working for Andrea and I, so we did some last minute rewriting, this helped everything out.

So we've caught up here with our antagonist, Atrax... And it sure does sound like she doesn't want to talk to her superiors, huh?

She has a good reason.
We're going to be gone next week. it's nothing serious. Just I started a new job at the library and I got to do some training for it. It's only for the next week. And this is a good thing. Not just because I'll have a steady income again, but I also don't have to take commissions anymore to distract me away from page work.

So meet us back here in two weeks as we see what's up with our OTHER alien who landed here...
Annnnnd wall of text!

I have a lot of thoughts on this page, but honestly... I'll just let it speak for itself.
And we're back with Chapter 3.

So yeah, adding a bit to the confusion here, our alien friend doesn't have a gender... So that might make things a bit more complicated.
Along with Q&As, I want to do these one off pages in-between chapters or issues. Don't worry, the comic is NOT switching to B&W. I'm doing these in B&W for multiple reasons. To set them apart from the regular pages and the other reason is I'm working on an exclusive comic for my Patreon and it'll be in B&W. So a little practice isn't a bad thing.

And I won't lie folks... I really like it! :)

Hope you do too!

Chapter 3 will start next week!

(And I'll make the announcement about the Patreon comic when I'm closer to beginning it.)
A little more behind the scene look at the development of Callie here. Hope you enjoy it!
@Akamaz: That's... Almost a complete certainty. You might remember Callie's bosses mentioning they met each other ten years prior?
So here we are. Our first Q&A. Like Callie mentions, I could have answered all these in the comments, but I think this is a little more fun for us all. I think I'd like to do these each in-between chapters or issues.
A day late, but hey... the chapter is done now! And this page is important too. Because we're either 20%-25% done with the story. I've had a lot of false starts in making comics for the last few years, so this is a big personal moment for me.

Next chapter is going to be a big important one. Probably the most important one in the entire book. I hope you'll like it.

But before then, we're taking a bit of a break here, to give me time to get somewhat ahead. Not a huge break... Like a couple of weeks. (Three tops.) And during these weeks, I'll be posting concept art, pinups and the Q&As that I've been collecting questions to. So it's not like I'm just gonna abandon everything for that time. We'll start that sometime this week.

Again, any questions, feel free to ask away and I'll answer them. :)
@Akamaz: I hope you're not the only one that hears it, because that's how we write her. :)
@jy3ext: Hold that thought until Monday.

Seriously, did you get a hold of our script? :P
Okay, it's only Tuesday and not Wednesday yet, but I figured what the hell. I'll update it a little early.

So here's the next page. As mentioned last time, next page will be the end of the issue, and we'll take a short break where I'll post some artwork and answer some questions. If you got any, ask away, and I'll answer them!
@jy3: Name and equation. It's a reference to Bekenstein–Hawking theory of Black Hole Entropy.

This will make perfect sense very shortly.
And we're back and I'm sorry about the week off there. We had company the weekend before and last week was my birthday, and we had family things going on and... Ah... In short. Life happened.

Anyway, new page here. And the next page will go up on Wednesday! Because next Monday's page is actually the last page of this chapter, as well as this issue. (When collected that is.)

So there's a scheduled little break in-between issues. Nothing serious like the last time. It's just two weeks. But during that two weeks, I got a couple of Stargazer Apogee themed commissions that I got from my Patreon I was planning on posting, as well a few concept drawings. But I'd like to be a little more interactive if possible.

So if you got any questions, I'll happily answer any. And I'll ACTUALLY answer them and not be all "Well, you'll just have to wait and see!" (As long as it's not direct spoilers.) So if you have any questions, ask away and I'll start answering them next week.

Anyway... I hope you enjoy the update and I'll see y'all on Wednesday!
Our heroes finally talk to each other... And yeah. This is the results. :)

Some delays on this one. We had a busy weekend here. Looking at the week ahead, with some company coming this weekend... Next Monday will be a single page update as well. But after that, I'll be able to catch up again. So, sorry for the continued delays and I hope you like it. :)