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I like writing and drawing. :) And rainbows too, rainbows are pretty :D
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OHH, I thought I was going insane, cause Iöd always see updates but not new pages :P
Noooo, run away from that creepy dude!
Little Red
September 24th, 2014
I'm so happy I don't even care about the missing pages.
Little Red
September 18th, 2014
He's wearing the cutest sweater ever.

Love Strix-s design!
It looks amazing! I love how you draw cats!
I'm so absolutely in love with this comic! :'D
This is the best day ever. Glad it's back!
Little Red
January 26th, 2014
This is probably the best comic I read in my life. Seriously.
You are back :D
Hey! Didn't you have a vampire comic longo, looong ago?
If you did, I used to read you :D

I'm faving this, I like the story so far, and the drawings! Good luck and have a nice day :3
Well, I did My character again, and now i'm ready to start making comic pages :D

Sorry it looks so sketchy, I did it in five minutes :/
Wee :(

I hope you can fix it soon :)
Wahh, I will start sketching something now ;_;
Don't want this comic to die.
Freyja has a terrible personality =P

Sorry about the prettiest intstead of fairest, I realized of the mistake when i was too late.

And sorry for being such a failure at drawing mirrors xD
Your art is so awsome :D
So many details *-*
Deja vu also scares me xp
Its just such a weird sensation

I love how you draw dogs *O*
I didn't knew who was supposed to post either :P But i'm pretty much alive.
It was in fact Heimdall's idea. I read it on a book, if i remember correctly
Name: Freyja Smiths(?) (yeah, smiths)
Personality: She's sometimes vain, and a bit self-centered, but she is also caring and a very strong spirtual woman. She enjoys helping people and guiding them. She is also very femenine, and at the same time, not so lady-like.
Her ability lies in her strenght and her brains.
Bio: Um, she is the rencarnation of Freyja...

Hope you like her :D
Little Red
August 1st, 2010
I miss your comic ;_;