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Thousands of 'em.
Note to self: FUUUUUUMINI SUN- *Sizzle*
This was done by me 8D
Expect more filler like this-IMEAN *COUGHCOUGH* wonderful comics soon. 83
Comic by DZ
Sorry for the wait. ;-;
Filler comics already? Psh.
Thanks alot Denki. =P
Incase you can't read it, nya.
Panel one:
"Some time later at the Hakurei shrine"
Momizi- Are you sure she won't find any of the cameras, miss Aya?
Aya- Of couse! I hid them so well even I can't find them!
Panel 2
Momizi- ...
Panel 3
Momizi- Right out in the open?
Aya- Eyep.
Momizi- She'll never see it.
Momizi- *coughmoroncough*

We should have the sizing issue fixxed soon. if anyone can help us to know how to compress an image without Stretch/skewing it, please do tell. [/engrish]
Hey, thanks! You're the first person other than us to comment on this. =P
This happened during the events of "What the heck is that?!".. or, the 4th comic.
Two more comics for today, then I'm atleast taking a break.
Nothing to say to you. I really have no clue what's going on.
Oh noes.
....What in the world is that thing...? o_o
Part two
And here is part two.
Next up is the start of the random story of Gensokyo, starting with everyone's favorite kappa, Nitori, and Aya.
The first comic is finally up, thank Suwako, nya. Part two is coming soon, but for now, GROUNDBREAKING CERIMONY WHEEEEWWWW.... yeah.
August 7th, 2009
..Owned.. XD
..Damn you, you're way better than I remember. XD
For teh real comic, Go har.
Darn file restrictions
And also