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I love to draw and write. I also enjoy playing games like Pokemon and Hearthstone. I work on Lone on my free time and work as an editor for a cooking show in SF full time. Thanks for reading!
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    anh le
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looks like the guardians Sorri called are here. what will they find?
@DarkFlameOSecrets: glad you think so dark!
@dracone: thanks dracone,going to fix it.
@Burgerbob17: thanks burger, will fix it soon
@Toxicodendron: haha! i need to make a spin off now. brb guys! lol jkjk
@Aline1: thanks Aline, this is page 33. just put 35 by accident! will fix it.
Niko in full investigation mode! looks like she can summon stuff as well. that's a club president for you
@RazorD9: xD jury's verdict, innocent forever lol
@Berggen_Kino: xD wonder how many times already lol
@evilnidhogg: too tired from carrying everyone asses all day
@JovanW: xD rosa will not be happy lol can't hold the evidence in your hand and say you didn't do it.

sorry it's been so long guys! thanks for waiting!
What did you do Eska? xD
@dracone: xD yeah, i think this is the first time bel actually have a vessel, so everything must be new to her
@evilnidhogg: now we have demons and angels, and witches....and zombie.....
@M-24: ;) maybe it still is
@RazorD9: lol holy blood hell indeed
@VadanDrumist: opps xD should have gotten a lawyer
@RandomEgg: xD really fine print!