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I love to draw and write. I also enjoy playing games like Pokemon and Hearthstone. I work on Lone on my free time and work as an editor for a cooking show in SF full time. Thanks for reading!
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    anh le
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seems like sorri executed her plan to help the people that been charmed.
@Toxicodendron: guess they consider Bel of the girls lol
@evilnidhogg: if it falls on someone 0_0 would that person be stuck there until someone that can pick it up comes by?
@Berggen_Kino: she does! lol and no glasses.
xD rosa is over protective mom. girls finally get to relax a bit.
@dracone: probably hates her for chaining it up xD
@evilnidhogg: xD a cynic just like rosa i see lol
@Lucarvee: xD the spear is like, im not gonna get chained up again
@SkyOfTwilight: haha xD yeah, it's been mostly close for chapter 2
@WinterReadsanddiesithink: Thanks for the feedback winter! there's still a lot i need to learn like composition, paneling, storytelling, etc. just trying to tackle everything slowly since story is my main concern. good art can improve the story, but bad story won't help the art.
she is so nice!
@dracone: i agree dracone! it's one thing to take the blame for your friend. it's another to take blame for your bullies
when the person you're lying to knows that you're lying but goes along with it to mess with you 0_0 and she lets them keep the spear.
@JovanW: doesn't like the teacher very much. maybe it's allergic to learning xD
@dracone: we see her using it as a cloak in the future so probably will find out how to control it to a degree dracone!
@RazorD9: lmao good old rosa
@evilnidhogg: it does seem that way evil. hmmm.... :D
@DarkFlameOSecrets: something is up with it!
Sorri xD please! this is not the time or place
the big reveal! mr.spear doesn't like the professor too much xD