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I love to draw and write. I also enjoy playing games like Pokemon and Hearthstone. I work on Lone on my free time and work as an editor for a cooking show in SF full time. Thanks for reading!
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    anh le
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It is largely base on that Raz lol. With a few modification to fit the style. Glad you recognize it
The aftermath. . .
@evilnidhogg: xD if only there was one in this comic!
@dracone: Yup, the truth and sticking to it will play a major role with Niko's part of the story. of course you can't tell a story about the truth without lies being involve so we will see a lot of that as well lol.
@JovanW: i see what you did there Jovan ;)
@Naokii Fires: xD she fear nothing. not even death! lol
Looks like Niko got a rival. or is he?
looks like the guardians Sorri called are here. what will they find?
@DarkFlameOSecrets: glad you think so dark!
@dracone: thanks dracone,going to fix it.
@Burgerbob17: thanks burger, will fix it soon
@Toxicodendron: haha! i need to make a spin off now. brb guys! lol jkjk
@Aline1: thanks Aline, this is page 33. just put 35 by accident! will fix it.
Niko in full investigation mode! looks like she can summon stuff as well. that's a club president for you
@RazorD9: xD jury's verdict, innocent forever lol
@Berggen_Kino: xD wonder how many times already lol
@evilnidhogg: too tired from carrying everyone asses all day
@JovanW: xD rosa will not be happy lol can't hold the evidence in your hand and say you didn't do it.

sorry it's been so long guys! thanks for waiting!