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Hello! I'm an artist! I currently have no plans for what I'm doing! (hooray for sadness)
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She is spongebob from an alternative universe
Reminds me of watership down. This comic looks really interesting and the art style is neat! Keep up the good work!
*sees anime hair* Cloud?!
Hey my biggest problem with your comic is the expression of the characters. Try aiming for more exaggerated poses and make heavier use of action lines so panels leave a bigger impact.
*Kimmy Schmidt
Me: *hears the name Titus mentioned* *has Vietnam flashback to the unbreakable jimmy Schmidt*
I read this page while listening to “Happy-Happy is Blue” from the Earthbound soundtrack. Gave this some really eerie vibes.
No offense taken
I don’t mean to be rude, but it really bothers me how Rudy’s Mom is so small in comparison to Tobias and the doorframe
“Our heroes journied to the abyss, where they were subject to a large bounty of lovecraftian monsters and this weird hollow rabbit chick who joins them at the end of season 1.”
There are the four Epona's of the elements:
Pyropona, Airpona, Aquapona, and Earthpona
this comic
lol I like how most of these are normal objects, but Brancelot gives them really fancy names
Leon: Let me guess, my home?
Solon: It was... *holds up infinity gauntlet* and it was beautiful...
Poor Felix. The cat's been away with his magical bag of tricks for decades. Hope he's okay...
I can never drink a bottle of sprite ever again
I know he's probably really messed up inside or something but what kind of kid talks like this?