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Hello! I'm an artist! I currently have no plans for what I'm doing! (hooray for sadness)
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“Our heroes journied to the abyss, where they were subject to a large bounty of lovecraftian monsters and this weird hollow rabbit chick who joins them at the end of season 1.”
There are the four Epona's of the elements:
Pyropona, Airpona, Aquapona, and Earthpona
this comic
lol I like how most of these are normal objects, but Brancelot gives them really fancy names
Leon: Let me guess, my home?
Solon: It was... *holds up infinity gauntlet* and it was beautiful...
Poor Felix. The cat's been away with his magical bag of tricks for decades. Hope he's okay...
I can never drink a bottle of sprite ever again
I know he's probably really messed up inside or something but what kind of kid talks like this?
When I read the 17th panel I thought N had a voice crack in the middle of saying 'No'
Dang, it! they just caught it and now it's already dead!
I really appreciate how expressively drawn Carmelo and Tobias have been these pages
wait was the girl holding down Carmelo supposed to be that short in the 3rd panel?
I can't believe Papaya from Earthbound is dating Monika from Mystic Messenger
I wish making friends was this easy
Absolutely beautiful! What brush settings/ materials did you use?
In the bottom corner of the 5th panel, it looks like Neph is having an orgasm
Rudy! Stop it! You've already had your vitamin gummies today! >:(
Ghost Eyes: Ethan Klein edition