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I like Cats and Pokemon and ghosts and a lot moreXDD
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    Jan Niklas Axt
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This is a great comic, but i have to say this is the best side so far (for me) i love Darkra, and his words got me goosebums and sent a bug down my spine (do you say it like this in english?) he has such a great Charakter development.

keep up the good work

P.S. I'd love to tell my old school bullies the same
apperently Riolu's can't learn aurasphere (the riolu from pkmn-ranger did but he was special)

but i'm with you his boy needs him and he could use force palm :D
wait what ? mew is his true form so it's a mew ... but mew is a good pkmn not a bad one or am i wrong?
This bitc* is saying "It's not betrayl" what is it then? a massage? I hate her and that other guy I hope they both die horrobly
@Blue Scales:
there is even a comic about their sexlife
nooo they are together and they belong togehter
I knew that i knew these characters some where there is a sex douji about them and it's cute as hell
@Mystic Fire:
well i guess (in human years) over 18
al haunters are adorable
Riolu * _ * the most cute Pokemon of all okay Lucario is the same rank as riolu
oh gott ist das süß

Oh God that is cute
does anyone happen to know if he/she will update weekly ?
I want to shove del out and say ... "please contiue lovebirds"
how about booth delxrodneyxavis

I can ... Start with a script and after you finished it you draw the comic to it
Well learning the ropes also means something else ... BDSM Fan's know what I mean muhuhuhuha