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I like Cats and Pokemon and ghosts and a lot moreXDD
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    Jan Niklas Axt
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@AssaultBird2454: haha ^^ well it is hard to see what are jokes and what not. cause we can't hear the sound of the voice nor can we see facial expressions ^^ soo all good
@AssaultBird2454: i know i know ^^ i wanted to be funny ^^
@AssaultBird2454: ^^ i didn't mean it to be taken serious sorry ^^
@AssaultBird2454: haha me again, it's the name of the comic :D
@AssaultBird2454: don't be so harsh it's the only goal they will reach in thier live
@pixlyJolt: not with that attitude!
How about Team Cutiecute? Or Team Lovebirds?
Team Lennon?
@Guest: there is never a too in too cute ... wait what?
The Cult of Cuteness (TCoC) is the best name evoar :D
AWWW King of Cuteness ... 100% aprooved :)
haha pichus face is cute ^^in panel 5 ^^
and celebi is in panel 2 like "for fucks sake are you kidding me?"
@Swissswampert: i get cha :D I was always so confussed about that fakt, but arren't the protagonist and the side-kick good friends? oh wow i have to play these games again XD
Celebi is touching in his eyes ... he's stronger than chuck norris :O
höhö she said yiff :3
haha i thought he might say "please don't ask us XD"
off this guy would be the stupid football player in highschool. thinks he can hurt others and is in right to do so and when the victims try to protect themselfs they are the bad ones.

just like trump and those guys XD
@Lulumeowie: well, bob was his name or so said kids som i'm assuming its his kids
4th. panel ... and now kiss >:D
@Emc_502: oh wow you are gold :P