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@Flaming_Eclipse: will do and sure, i'd love to see your fan fiction ^^
@Flaming_Eclipse: of course, what timezone are you in, i'll try and make it easier on your time
@Flaming_Eclipse: ooo, hell yeah, thanks for the idea
@Flaming_Eclipse: dunno, either tomorrow, or today if I draw enough
So, this was the artwork I did on my stream!
Aww, thank you!
My first Mega for this, I was going to color it or draw it digitally, but... mouses and art dont mix haha
@TerrytheTeryx: Well I actually based Petalburg city on how its actually set out, wally's parent's home is right next to the gym, seperated by a hedge XP
@TerrytheTeryx: Thank you, from now on though im going to attempt to make consistent background and speaking. Ive been working this page for a while and im sorry, I'll be making some random art while I work on pages ^^
@TerrytheTeryx: aww, thank you, im honeslt surprised on how this comic is going, more of the pages are kinda boring since boop doesnt talk a lot ;^;
Sooo, sorry for the lack of updates?
@TerrytheTeryx: XD I always told myself if I was gonna make this comic, Boop will steal Birch's bag
I honor of my first supporter, My starter is Torchic! Hope you enjoy the journey with Boop!
@TerrytheTeryx: Thank you very much,I actually just finished the sketch for the next page so im doing it up now.
@TerrytheTeryx: Because of my obvious lack of ability to design poeople, haha, im compensating back by creating pokeball designs for each pokemon, even hm slaves and pokemon left in the pc.
omg Im a horrid drawer since I draw with a mouse but imma do it, at least try XP
bando you savage XD
Thanks so much fans! im glad this comic is dead even though my skill is horrendous XP
@redmarielle: I love it so much .^.
1. Australia!
2. hmm probs Sangwoo X Yoonbum from the messed up world of Killing Stalking
3. Ive never been good with actors....