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Hello there!
I like playing videogames, drawing comics, reading, and a bunch of other random stuff!
Let's go into the future!
(Possible future comics)
-C&T's Adventures!-
(Update Schedule Info)
I'm gonna try updating PowersofNight every other Monday.
Hopefully this schedule will work better than what I was doing before! :P
Anyways I hope you like what you see and Enjoy!
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I’ve just realized that the time it takes me to finish a page can range from 3 hours to 12 hours easily. Wonder how long it takes others? Anyways, sorry for the very late page! ><‘ My schedule has been way out of wack as of late.
Aw frick, she’s totally blind now, isn’t she?
September 22nd, 2019
Gotta be honest, if I was in their shoes, I would be instantly dead. :T
ah, you didn’t really need to comment potato! XD I was just experimenting with stuff on smackjeeves back when I was new! Now I know how things work. ^w^
Hey, thanks! Glad to see you’re back! :3
Sorry for the very long hiatus. I hope you enjoy todays page! Arola out-⭐️
I tried going w/ a different way of making grass this time, hopefully it worked out? What do you think? Anyways, I hope you enjoy! One last thing, Pages will also continue being updated every other Monday!
Whoops, today’s page is a bit late. Sorry about that! ^^” Definitely going to want to go back and fix a couple of pages in the future. I hope you enjoy! :P
Ah, it’s finally time to stop drawing the inside of Galvin’s house and to move onto the actual pokemon world! This is either going to be good for you readers, or bad for me. Don’t know yet. Enjoy! :P
Here we’ve got good ol’ Spider head dude and tiny dragon thing. These guys are characters that are going to be in an upcoming comic of mine. :P That comic’s placeholder name is currently called REIN. Probs going to post more of these peeps this year and the upcoming year. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy!
Galvin now has a rug. A green rug it is. No clue how he got it in the timespan of a couple panels. It does make the room look better though... :P
Just experimenting stuff with Kupe, honestly, I don’t know what to put here. ^^”
Happy late April fools! The comic is going to continue April 8th, that part is not a joke. Anyways, as a side note, I think these these characters actually look good with anime eyes. But i’ll be keeping the regular style, so no worries!
These are some enemy designs for a game idea I had. They don’t have names yet, and I was wondering if anyone would suggest anything. :)
Aw dang, it’s over already! Man, this was such a great read, i’m glad it lasted so long. You did such a good job @MissKate ! ^w^
These are some characters I came up with a little while ago. :P Synth is a weird demon person...thing and Kupe is a weird squirel kangaroo Cupid guy. So yeah, enjoy!
Ack, I really got to get better at doing shading....shading rooms specifically. ^^”
Also, I should’ve posted this comic page Monday! My procrastination is still pretty bad, sorry! XT
oof, I thought she was actually dead for somereason. ^^"
I hope they can find a way to fix this situation soon, or else we’re gonna have a lotta injured Pokemon! Good luck to team Aquablaze! :3