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Hello there!
I like playing videogames, drawing comics, reading, and a bunch of other random stuff!
Let's go into the future!
(Possible future comics)
-C&T's Adventures!-
-Dragon Sanctuary
(Update Schedule Info)
I'm gonna try updating PowersofNight every other Monday.
Hopefully this schedule will work better than what I was doing before! :P
-(Not super important update but, UPDATE)-
So the 2ds my dad let me have is now broken! My little sister dropped it in our bathroom sink while there was water in it and now it wont turn yeah.
Anyways I hope you like what you see and Enjoy!
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These are some enemy designs for a game idea I had. They don’t have names yet, and I was wondering if anyone would suggest anything. :)
Aw dang, it’s over already! Man, this was such a great read, i’m glad it lasted so long. You did such a good job @MissKate ! ^w^
These are some characters I came up with a little while ago. :P Synth is a weird demon person...thing and Kupe is a weird squirel kangaroo Cupid guy. So yeah, enjoy!
Ack, I really got to get better at doing shading....shading rooms specifically. ^^”
Also, I should’ve posted this comic page Monday! My procrastination is still pretty bad, sorry! XT
oof, I thought she was actually dead for somereason. ^^"
I hope they can find a way to fix this situation soon, or else we’re gonna have a lotta injured Pokemon! Good luck to team Aquablaze! :3
Aww, it's really hard to express my feelings right now, but man, I have to say this has been an extremely entertaining comic that I would absolutely read from the beginning multiple times. I really enjoyed up till this point. I hope the Epilogue will be just as great! ^W^
ack, so sad!
Yeet, Ima work on the next page now. :3
I really like drawing my chimecho character's facial expressions for some reason. Anyways, sorry for not updating sooner! I've been a real lazybug recently. ^^"
yee! Next chapter! X3
Is this the last one tho?
is that a cells at work refrence? X3
I really hope Cotton somehow comes back, for everyone's sake. Until then though! X3
Hey, my sister wants to say Thanks! It does look pretty great! ^w^
Hello! ^w^. My sister has a request, can you draw a mudkip for her?
I wonder who's at the door. :3
On a different note, if I'm gonna apply as a co-author what could I help out with? ^w^
I hope she doesn't try to kill the kids! That would be bad. :T
Could that person be one of his parents? I'm getting serious parental vibes. Also, this page looks great! ^w^