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Hello, person reading this! If people read these things, anyway.

My name is KittenFiesta, but you can call me literally anything you want. I don't particularly care. I like to draw a lot, but suck so do not expect much. I would love to start a comic sometime in the future, but schoooooooooooool.

I love rp, so yeah. Do with that information what you want.

How do I end this thing? Like, what do I say?

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@WiispNightmare: oman i rly want to but i cant bc i have the homeworks ;-;

will listen as soon as i can tho!!
hey look it's one of those update things
so ya

here have a turnaround/ref for a possible comic character

i really do like her so i think i'll keep her ^^
current mood: last panel Light
Leooooooooooo do u like falchion >;3
@ShadowStalker1128: because they're funny
emo espeon tho
oh good god i fucked that up
@WiispNightmare: if i figure it out i will tell u
aight let's do this

if anyone knows anything abt coding pls help meh
this is punderful
me running from my problems

gonna try
*construction noises*
gonna take a quick break to revamp art style, learn backgrounds, and do all the things i need so i can maybe start a comic over the summer! i'll try and keep yall posted on my progress from time to time ^^;;
@WiispNightmare: YAAAAAAAY