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shes is NOT in space!
in the country, (Where i assume this chapter is taking place,) you can see MANY more stars.
i heard.. .
I heard that you need icedrop eevees.
*Hides with Drawings for BG eevees* PSSHH- Not that i have ideas- Baka
@ZeevaWyte: Me too
I'm so sorry for not posting!
I just finished this Page-
I hope you like it!
@whirlwyndblue: Yes please! i really want to see the epilouge! that'll be so cool!
@Guest:Thats just a ship. the maker of this comic may not like that ship.
@whirlwyndblue: FRICK- SHE KNOWSSSSSS
@whirlwyndblue: Yeah, like maybe only on expert.
You know the one think i wish i wanted on hilda's fight:
a Capricorn Form.
@42Meep: Maybe, but it might be a mix of both, ballads and gardvoir.
Possible Hiatus?
So, i may make this comic go on hiatus over the first 2 weeks of school. this will probably be at the beginning of chapter three or four.
Updates: Next comic is coming to be the last for the first chapter. it'll be a plot development for 'That place' and Azure. Next chapter is Filler and you audition to help me with plots! form:
How many times can you be on?:
What is Craka's Nature?
What Eeveelution is Kola?
I need to stop binge listening to cuphead remixes. also i have a DA! Go see it here --------> <--------------------
I changed the 'Dreamscape' Its comig to be like this in nightmares while, Dreams are yet to be seen.
@BoltMicFlash: Awwww! Thanks! if you get an account, maybe i could put in a cameo of the character?
Haven't seen any Cuphead comics, so, i rate this 10/10. Im going to make my own.
read the ALT text!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep! heres the second comic! sorry for not posting in a while. Also, READ THE ALT TEXT IT'LL GIVE YOU INFORMATION! Put your mouse pointer over it. (Only readable on PC)
gglitchyes isfixed! sorry about my keys though... they seem to be fixing themsleves. IDK.
Daww this is so cute!!!!
Awww! shes so cute!

also, FIRST!