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I am a youtuber, animator, web comic creator. Creator of Fallen World wolf web-comic! Animator on Epic SaveRoom on YouTube! Comedy commentator on GameBound on YouTube!
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    Jim C
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@HanlanasLTU: I'm glad you liked Fallen World, this is a short prequel story about a side character that will be in Fallen World when it restarts. Soul isn't the main character of the main comic
Sorry this took soo long! Here is page 11!
@+PlusUltra+: Thank you soo much!
Time for a little taste of the Fantasy aspects to come in my comics! What could this be?

Here is Page 9 of ma comic! Trying out a different style for this page, let me know what you think!
Soul has some time to reflect on things. Buckle up for a something very unexpected by page 10 ;) A small glimpse of what kind of story this will evolve to be.

For anyone who may be interested I do gaming with my buddy on YouTube, making jokes and fun
Hello guys! Here is another page demonstrating my desire to provide good art but also move the story along quickly so that we can get to the exciting stuff for you guys, which can be tricky, but I promise, the 'fantasy' aspect is coming soon! I also have a hundred tutorials still to do covering comic making, story telling, art, color, and just everything...whew. If you guys are interested my old comic is "Fallen World" on webtoons and deviantart.
Hello, everyone! Here is page 6! Soul thought he could return home under cover of night and nobody would be wiser. But for some reason, a lot of the pack was already waiting for him to return.
Hello everyone! I hope you are doing good! This is one of the hardest pages I've made so far! Phew. But it will only get harder, because this tale that will be spread across multiple comics steadily becomes a larger scale adventure of life and death, good and evil, magic, fantasy creatures and more. For now we are following an important time in the life of Soul, one of the protagonists, during a simpler time, despite how things may seem.
Nel and Soul share one last moment of happiness in this short story! Poor things!
@Bluemj61: I will, thank you!
Hello, friends! Here is the third page of my short side comic Wild Wolves! Looks like trouble could soon be arriving.
@Volt the fox :3: Oh hello Volt! Concidence seeing you in the comments
Hey guys! Here is the next page, we get to see a few of the main characters from this short story. This is the first of my individual short comics that will all be in the same world, but different stories. Thanks for the support!

Support my comics and art at
Watch videos at

In fact, I use the same name ever'where
@Volt the fox :3: Sweeeet thank you!
@Bluemj61: Welcome aboard!

New Comic!
Two wolf packs on the verge of war, and two wolves from opposing sides will have their loyalties challenged and find out who they truly are. This is a short wolf story and is a spinoff of the future comic "Fallen World." Enjoy! And follow me elsewhere online for more art!