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I am a youtuber, animator, web comic creator. Creator of Fallen World wolf web-comic! Animator on Epic SaveRoom on YouTube! Comedy commentator on GameBound on YouTube!
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    Jim C
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It seems our boy Soul has attracted the interests of something special, as he charges into battle! I'm thinking tomorrow I may make a quick one panel page, or make a story recap page! Let me know if you'd be interested in a recap.
Hello everyone! A bit simpler page due to some family emergencies this week!
Check out my friend Streetfair's Comic!
Rider vows to attack Soul, but he didn't expect Nel to take a bite out of his ankle before he could run off.
@>< Spirit ><: That seems right!
Woo! I'm very happy with how this came out! My first art heading towards a new style! And Cassidy has a brown stripe on his nose,
he may also have a few design revisions in the future too. Let me know what you think of this style! Cassidy is hearing some voices in the wind!
Here is the first page to feature simpler art panels that I can make quicker! What do you think?
Si vis pacem, para bellum
@Gamegod018: hehe. Dang he took it down
Hello guys! Sorry for the long wait, I plan to get pages out every 5-7 days from now on. Hoping. But I will also soon be working on the MAIN COMIC behind the scenes!
Page 17 of my Wolf Web Comic Northern Lights: Wild Wolves
If you guys would like to read the "TRUE" version of this comic, it is on webtoons under Northern Lights Director's Cut. It contains more art, as this version is trimmed down. It's being updated behind this version. HERE: _no=283425
@Gamegod018: Thanks! It means a lot to hear that, Gamegod!
There has been a shout back to Romeo and Juliet, and now Princess Bride, as we see that Soul is telling his story to someone in a future time.
@lemnlime: I think they are great! Thanks for the comment!