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Is this what happens when 2 shy people meet?!
Dawww, I feel really bad for Nathan tho.
August 11th, 2018
iodfjwerhjgnkedvdhugifeb THE LOSS REFERENCE. I also saw a bunch of other references, love it!
I legit went back to chapter 3 to check! Great update,by the way! <3
Same, Nathan deserves the whole world!
Hey, Im actually glad you are takeing a break and thinking of yourself. Take as much time as you need! UR doing a great job!!!
hahaha, i love the way Eli talks with his hands because i can relate
Is that chancegivers In the background? Omg, the details I find in every page! I really love it.
Omg, that is the widest smile on Howie ive seen this whole comic! He is so happy, protect the boi.
“My Li” no! You are gonna make me cry.
Thats it! Go get em’ Nathan!
Omh poor Nathan! Why do people like his dad exist, what is the reason for his anger? I don't understand how someone could be so cruel. Im
so sad rn.
yesssss!!1! I love that Always There will have a cameo. Great stuff!
Im really exited about this comic, it looks a lot more magical and with a bigger plot than Always There.
February 27th, 2018
I know this is avery serious page, but that meme guy in his texst is hilarious!
Omg that was great! It amazes me you took the time to make all of this, and im glad you did!
No, the parallel in this comic is so good.... BUT IT IS SO SAD!