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@Gimmy_shimmy: owh and for the poll, i like 2 and 4! <3
It looks like Eli is looking at himself in the last 2 panels.
Eli 1: ''He was drunk.''
Eli 2: ''...'' Well idk what to do man, im you!
I just wanted to say, i love your comic. THe art style is freaking adorable! (And OMG they r holding hands!) Anyway, lots of love! <3
Omg, Eli no! I just feel so bad for him ;-;
December 28th, 2017
Ok so, this comment won't be about the update (even though its a good one!) But i love this comic. There has been so much inprovement in the artstyle since the beginning. And the plot never fails to bore me! Lots of love! <3
Yes! i approve of this! Thank you!
Hi this has nothing to do with the update but i freaking LOVE this comic. I really like the horror elements and drawing style. Aslo the caracters are really 3 dimentional! Anyway, lots of love. Keep up the amazing work! <3
Drunk Natei= best Natei, protect my boi.
Ok this has nothing to do with this update, but i love your comic. Its such a nice read and the caracters are so much fun!
Keep up the good work!