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The Rocktopus
December 6th, 2017
A question of Eyes
Blondie has little Orphan Annie eyes, and girl has Swirls.

You've already said you loved having a wide variety, that they were fun to draw, but are they meant to connote* anything? Swirly's eyes make it hard for me to tell where's looking and read her emotions; is that a positive or negative externality?

*I hope I spelled this right
Is this Ross Douhat's ever-present internal monologue?
I think Darcy is me?
@Guest: Nah, man, his mouth would be open a tic for that expression.
I wonder what he's thinking. It's obviously a subtle emotion...
If my elders had Flamingo's cunning I might even pretend to respect them.
I like that your character's eye often have different art //styles.// What prompted you to make that decision?