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I just like to reads comics alright
you really don't want to know anything about me, i promise, i'm dull.
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umm, apparently the shooting doesn't seem like she is actually shooting, so umm, yeah, she is shooting 6 times, I will make upcoming fight scenes more clear.
So, the prologue will start slowly, I will put up these once a week, so I'll have time to finish first chapter.

I am sorry of the dialogue, it's kind of awkward. And I did this kind of in a hurry, so characters look slighty different in first chapter (facial features, body types), hopefully looking more like different characters, than same ones. Hope you enjoy.
Princess Valeriya (character from has very own adventure in this AU. OOC. permission to use Valeriya has been granted by iiya
thank you for the lovely comic ;__; it was so sweet and sad.. ♥
and I also want to read more from you~
arax ei pysty jakamaan :'''D
October 9th, 2011
tulee kyl ekana mieleen et tollaset otukset söis ruohoa eikä kaneja 8''D
October 6th, 2011
zomg you really did more \o/
awesome >u<
lol nodosan ilme on aika söpö tos ekas ruudus <3
January 22nd, 2009
tuol on aika valosaa yöksi. onks siel koht juhannus? 8D
November 27th, 2008
aika moisen ilkimyksen oloinen heppu D8
November 4th, 2008
hmh. jos Orthilia on Valtsu fani niin sen pitää sitoo rintansa x''D okeijoo ei täs mitään