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A lot quicker. I don't mind going last, feel free to post.
Sounds good to me. Yay!
Yep, and I'm working on it. Sorry for taking so much time, I've got a bit of an art block right now.
Oh no! You killed Uncle Lupe!
Awesome comic ^^
Yep. Working on it.

And I added Pan to the characters page.
I love the expressions in the last panel ^^

Hmm.. I think I should update the characters page, if no-one else will.
Ok, I'm trying to revive this thing. So here's what I'm trying to do: I made a comic strip, then Dratex will make a continuation for this strip, then someone, anyone else again will make a continuation for that. Let's see how far we get ^^
Cool character. I like her ^^

Nice take on the Three Little Pigs.
Yes, I'm next, but I'm working on some things that may take some time, so someone else can go first if they want.
I think I'm next.. but if someone else wants to go first, that's OK.
(gah, I suck at commenting XD)

By the way, I've made a new account because I wanted another name. I sent an invite to my new account, MultiversalInk.
Just so you know ^^
It's actually based on a real event ^^

I'm working on something more.
Just a quick thing I made at school, just to update and point out something.

Yay for copy and paste.
And no, they're not naked.
The art style of this comic reminds me of film noir.
Nice. 'Ka-POW!'

You guys should seriously see some parkour videos. It's freaking awesome.
By the way, I added Piper to the Characters page. Just letting you know.
Ooh, now who's that?
Nice. I should get started with my character too.

And take it easy, knowing me, I'll probably take even longer ^^
And happy new avatar, Fire! I like it!