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Emily and the Oracle
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literally crying over this good precious skull boy
You should always take care of yourself first, but I'll miss Sea Change while it's gone! QQ I'll be waiting for your (and its) return~
lolol I read it's stuck as "it sucks" at first.

tell it like it is, Isadore.
why is your art SO ADORABLE ; m;
Ulrik just has a crippling phobia of people with out-of-control curly hair.
@marijade: You're welcome! Hey, I was wondering if you would be okay with me advertising this comic on my tumblr? I don't have a lot of followers so I can't guarantee that it will get any where, but like I said, I think you need more fans. Also the weirdest thing, Vaari looks very much like one of the main characters in the novel I'm trying to write. Not to shamelessly self promote here, but you can check out the development blog at if you want to see the similarities. She's up there at the top, in the banner.

I also wonder if I can submit this comic to the sort of "comic archive/updating" site called Piperka. That way even people who aren't users on Smackjeeves can keep up with your updates. I know you are only doing one page a week and considering a hiatus, which is why I ask! But that's where I keep most of the comics I'm watching.

Anyway, so sorry for the bother! I hope you have an awesome day.
Your art is ADORABLE and the story is interesting and well-executed so far! You need WAY MORE fans, dude.
* A*

I bought all four and even though I've reread the online comics probably ten times I read all four hard copies as soon as the package was open. I love them to pieces and I can't wait to buy the fifth.

It's kind of strange that I've never really commented on this comic because it is absolutely my favorite comic that I have ever read (and I read a looot of webcomics).

Hemlock holds that sort of nostalgic, whimsical feel that reminds me of how I felt reading the first fantasy books I read as a child. Yet it is run through with the darker themes and moods that I have come to enjoy as an adult. Add historical era setting, unique & adorable art, and Scandinavian folklore on top of that and you're guaranteed to have me drooling over the product haha.

ANYWAY sorry to prattle on forever. Your work is amazing and inspiring, and I hope to someday be able to go to a convention that you attend.
W....was that a minecraft creeper joke?
I hope I'm not the only one who stared at Dakota's leg/ass in the third panel for like ten minutes >__>
so... fucking cute...
@Jayu: I KNOW I WAS THINKING THAT TOO! She totally underestimates how FREAKING BEAUTIFUL SHE IS?!?!??!
(You could have made the cat in the fourth panel popping up! And/or magically appearing there, I'm not sure which she's doing.)

But still beautiful, nonetheless~!




@rasenth: Of course! The art is amazing, the character design is gorgeous and creative, the characters are amazing, and the comics themselves are adorable and funny! Ahaha, can't get much better than that, I say.
This is literally the best comic on smackjeeves /cries

I am so okay with waiting long periods to see an update.

EDIT: I think I wrote this when I was exhausted because I wrote "little" instead of "literally"
wow Zeus, slow on the uptake.
my reaction when I saw Scorch update:

o Ao

o Ao

o Ao


yayyyy~ but it wasn't actually an update but that's okay because I like knowing whats going on and coolbeans I hope the comic adaptation is a real hit C: