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End scene. How was the first half of chapter 4?


but that's good! It means I've not failed. But don't worry, Marcus is a smart boy, it'll be okay!
The fuck is this
Am not dead.

actually, my older brother used to do this as a little kid :D He's ring the doorbell at home and be like "MOM LOOK WHAT I CAUGHT" . Never underestimate little kid's lunging ability!
Poor Marcus was asleep in middle school biology

hmm how so? You mean IRL?

yeah! Thought you meant IRL or something ^^;
remember to check out the tumblr (all extra art was moved there), submit shit or ask questions or whatever~
This is actually from that same photography adventure I went on with my friend, we found a dead kestrel (wasn't a common kestrel like this one though, might've been technically a falcon and not part of the kestrel subgroup). It was rather bizarre, it was just there like 2 meters away from the road, head tucked as if it had just fallen asleep there. We mainly just tried to CSI how it died... BUT this is where the similarities end though, rest of this scene is just outta my brain.
PSYCH! Lol Marcus isn't that dumb & I'm not fond of that cliché
I originally meant to upload this together with the next page but...Well, you'll understand with the next page why
Lazy tones are lazy
The lettering on this page was pure hell, so much text...
what copy paste wha
This scene is homage to a friend who I did this to once (it did not go anything close to like this, but some elements I took from that day into this bit) YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, LOVE U

I wouldn't, basically just because I can't fall asleep once I've woken up so might as well xD
He might be a hip dad, but he's still a dad!
The flower on his hand is a dog rose, traditionally represents pain & pleasure.
Next up is ch 4~

yep! Glad that was clear, I was a little worried if it was too vague

it'll make sense once 3.5 is over~
Nem & Anna's age difference is six years, there weren't really any scenes to establish this before. So enjoy tween Nem & preschooler Anna for the next three pages.
April 2nd, 2017
The End.

Lol jk. There's aprox 2-3 pages to go yet.
Last part.
So what was this comic about? It's an autobiography of how it was to live with crippling depression & social anxiety & BED for the three years I hardly left my apartment. There were maggots, I had no energy to shower, I just slept. It's about the suffocating feeling of achieving something only to be faced with a thousand bigger hurdles. It doesn't matter to me if no one else gets this, I made this comic first and foremost for myself.

Thank you!I hope you're doing better as well!


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have a distaste for 'long' short stories, so I tend to keep mine extremely short ^^

You're welcome! I'm glad I was able to get this short story across so it felt emotional to people other than myself!