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Next up is chapter 6, "childhood"

What did you think of chapter 5.5?
Matthew is my totem animal

End of chapter 5. Whatchu think?

haha :D things wnt from 0-100 real quick

thanks! And yeah, Nem had a tough time this chapter ;(


*screeches with you* *transcends into a pterodactyl*
damn your temper Marcus
marcus no
This gives me a sadness


you might be right
*suddenly horror comic*

uh oh indeed

thank you!! I'm glad you like it!!
uh oh


bruh you have no idea :D

you should be, it's going to be a shitstorm!

tbf, Nem totally deserved that. Hurt people hurt but he's still being a dickweed.

I think that is the core of the problem!
Victims of abuse rarely do :c Well, not that Marcus is going through anything like that, but he's getting secondhand shit from Nem since he's so hurt.

Nooo don't cry!! Actually cry. It's all I want. If no one cries at my sads scenes I have failed.
I am hurt


yeah, lets hope so :c

what the heck is your name omg :D
and yeah, everyone just needs help :c

glad you thought so! it was supposed to be! which is probably why it broke my heart, too..........
Am not okay.

that she does. And yeah :( my bab is hurt.

don't cry!! Not yet anyway....
Uh oh

This page is almost nothing but !context! so if you're confused feel free to ask.