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I love comments, but maybe that's why no one leaves them.

Well, just don't fall in love with my comics, cuz I never finish anything. Sorry.
Not crazy into magic girls, but hot damn that progression of art and colour.
that squirrel drawing <3
I love the common room! All the babies look so adorable~ you did such a great job on the expressions and poses:)
And the perscetive is very will done :0 you have a really great angle on it all!
I love it all :)
Welcome back :D
Neil looks so nice in that shirt and hairstyle! And so assertive! you will grow Azuro! Into kyes biggest pain in the butt
Oh yay!!! Hehe super awesome! I wonder what substance was in the bucket? Azuro being pumped up to prank is hilarious~
When your arm falls asleep and the needles start to stab >.<'''
Wake up soon kye! Or you'll lose your pillow!
@Raichi:Thankies :D
Kye is a grumpy guss :D

Plus Tag your it :D
@Raichi: Right? I love height differences :)
Some of the wingless aren't super happy with the winged
But I'd be a little upset too if I lived underground all the time :/
Growth spurts all around!! :D
@Raichi: I spend several hours on them at a time and bust them out as quickly as I can ^^
Virtual cookies to the first person who can guess the obvious character to come on the next page :D

More pages to come, probably will be a few days before the next one cuz lots of work :/
More baby pixies on the way! :D
Introducing baby Polly cuz~

We're trying to get back on a roll :D
Expect more pages :D
I love halloweenss!! Happy Halloween Everyone! :D

I hope this post doesn't disappoint too many people cuz it's not an update... :/
I hope you still enjoy this post :D
October 25th, 2016
I think part of the page is cut off on the right side :o
@Lucazu: We plan on continuing but Raichi is super busy with school right now, so we're on a little bit of a hiatus ^^
I don't know when we'll be back, but there are plans to continue when the chance arrises
Kye's first day in the mines weren't very easy.
April 10th, 2016
You could always use the online version of Skype
@Rai-Chu: you haven't seen anything yet ^^
Awe you made him cry!