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crazy yaoi fangirl, nuff' said...

I do have a yaoi comic planned. I would post it, but my scanner is evil and my art undeniably sucks.

I'm still learning to draw in proportion and how to draw hot man sox..

If anyone would like to help me name it, please PM me...
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Part of me wants to see it for Tom Hanks and Jenn Aniston (Have a feeling I spelled that wrong) but part of me says "NO! Don't go see it! It's plot's too similar to Hugo.." "...Oh, but you need to see Hugo, it apparently did good" "...But then you still need to see the artist.."
>>;; Wow, even I'm behind on Oscar Fodder.
February 10th, 2012
I was still MORE than happy that Kings Speech won over Social Network last year. I mean, the kings speech was about a man having torsacrifice his own comfort and overcome an embarassing stutter to be strong for his people. Social network was about friends turning on each other and annoying side characters suing the main character over something idiodit ._.
One thing that pissed me off was that Social Network beat HTTYD in ORIGINAL score, I mean..I think there's a difference between a complex musical score given so much love by it's creator...and a remix of already existing songs...
February 7th, 2012
>u>; You could always sneakily time skip him to 18? 8D
n///n;; I may redo that design I sent to you a while back, I looked at it and kind of gagged. >//<;; Though it's not very circusy...
What themes are you still looking for?
January 23rd, 2012
Get well soon, I wouldn't feel horribly bad if you took a few days off to rest D:
;w; *prays for her designs to be used*

D'aw, what's her face is back!
Finally drew something kinda good >///> Makes me think of Dev and Kukki n////n;;

Do whatever you wish with the design.
FINALLY! Inspiration struck me for a magical boy villain design ;w;
I did a quick sketch, but I'll do a better one to send ya tomorrow Dev!
*Mournfully sighs and puts away the celebratory champagne and poppers* ;////; And I was so looking forward to it...
Thanks for so many updates Heldrad, you're way too good to us.
February 2nd, 2011
;/////; I missed this comic so much. And such a good amount of movies came out this year! You have some catching up to do?

BTW, who's your Oscar pick for Best actor >w>
BWAHAHAHA Ed, yer gonna get raped 8'D
Total Guess
Haru's Secret: He got drunk and slept with some guy and tried to put it behind it by becoming a totally manwhore/ladies man and now the thought of a man trying to sex him up again scares him?

Do I win?
The jig's up...Damn it Haru, just let him pop your man cherry.
SHES STILL ALIVE?! D< *loads shotgun*
I never once thought they were related. God, what is wrong with people..?
There's a show on Tigersharks on right now on Discovery, but I'd assume you're leaving the TV on 24/7 this week.

EDIT: Nevermind, the show changed...
>w< I love the val Jacob picture, so cute and fluffy~

And yeah, 1 week is a little iffy...That's like telling someone with a horribly deadly and contagious designate to get laid in 1 month, would anyone go near them with them being horribly ill? No, and likely, they'd die before the whole ordeal is over.
Sorry Dev, but dumb question. If our design gets used will you message us beforehand or surprise us? Also, I found the evil design, I'm gonna redraw it and submit it later.