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Hi! I like computers, IT, reading, sci-fi, fantasy, videogames, and comic. And drawing. A lot. Also shiny things.
@Shabby: Hey, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks a lot for this comment, it really made my day and I hope the story won't dissapoint! <333
@Xabel Mind: Shez'raa is oftentimes very absentminded :)
He likes his little brother but sometimes... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@xRainy: Thnak you, I am indeed! :)
I'm sorry it took so long! Summer is a busy season for me because the lack of routine. It also means more free time but I have also been doing some other drawings: 90% of them are related to this comic itself, though (and an AU of it). Have to finish them too, there are several WIPs.

I'll soon upload them to Twitter/Tumblr :)

Anyway, enjoy, and I hope you are having a great summer!
It took some time, but here is the new cover :) I have an alternate version I will color sometime too. First time using Clip Studio Paint and I loved it!

I hope to begin with the new chapter soon (in fact this week)!
I'm still working on the next part, it will take a bit more (summer is busy!).
In the meanwhile have some bonus illustration WIP because I have been doing several :)
@Xabel Mind: Hahaha, spoopy hands are spoopy :)
I can truly, indeed, attest that she uses it just on CD and if she can she will pull me back, down, into the water, up or wherever, she will do. I think she has a horn that warns her the CD is over for her to use it...
@DoodleDapp: Oh, but that spoopy hands are important :))))
@WTF_Damn69: Because I like spoopy stuff and cliffhangers :)
Who did, indeed? Who...?
@TheNyborg: I like spoopy stuff and I cannot lie :)
@seethingsavage: Of course! They will have more than one ;)
@Cazadora: Thank you! I'm oddly proud about it <3
"It lurks..."

End of this chapter. Hope you enjoyed it through here!

The new one will begin in a couple of weeks :)