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I role-play.
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November 7th, 2009
This comic is never to be worked on again. It is now my new dumpsight.
Heh, I dunno. I think there are enough people out there to just start this comic over, but without the dedication of Shard and Super computer, who really injected some emotions rarely seen in author comics, I dunno. What I do know is that I wouldn’t mind finding a comic like this to join. Maybe I could start one, eh? Anyway, it was refreshing. Nonsensical, immature, but unrefined in a good way.
The question is less who is it, and more IS it, with Shaun.
The author isn’t entirely correct. See, when he says they weren’t there to beguine with he means they weren’t part of the comic to beguine with, and so would not be there in the past as the author rewound. But for all he knows…
Authors love to give their characters the illusion of free will; it makes their job easier, not having to micromanage the characters, or consequently be the only protagonist. This illusion can be supported by sometimes letting the characters have their way, or letting them think that the author did not foresee an event in his own comic. They're one in the same.

Also, CHASING after someone? How pedestrian. Your the author! Chasing is for non-pan dimensional, extraplaner beings.
All the pics. that arn't sprites were found on google.
I'm pretty sure that little monkie Bubbleman was made by J Davis... yep
I know, I know, no voice bubbles, I made this a long time ago, I'm sorry, there's nothing I want to... I mean... can do now.
Shaun is much more hospitable now that he sees Megaman and Luigi as a way out.
holly hell, I finished. I read all the comics up ‘til now. I feel so accomplished all of a sudden.
There's no voice bubble because I didn't really think what Megaman was saying was too important, just that he was saying it.
There are several possibilities to the purpose of this comic. I choose to believe while Luigi Mario, being an orphan plumber (if you don’t believe me watch the movie), would have a though time translating all the maundo (purposely made up word) words flying back and forth. However, he
1 has enough sense and intuition to guess at what Megaman is saying most of the time he speaks in a vocabulary beyond that of a foreigner orphan plumber. Luigi is comparably uneducated standing next to Megaman (pervious lab-bot and ten year old turned super fighter) and this new guy, but he is by no means stupid.
2 has been around Megaman enough to guess what he is saying CORECTLY.

Sure, Luigi catches on to most of the terms, but he’s not gonna incorporate them into his speech patterns anytime soon.
Teleport damn it
Most of the heroes can fly away. Bass has treble, there's the rush jet, Wiley and Eggman probably have an escape pod. Light is in a transforming plane, there’s that floating Eggman gun-pod, tails flies. I've gotta say there's enough transportation around for almost all of them to escape and regroup.
I *really* don't think that Mr. awesome himself, protoman the shield barer, would just stand there and let himself get shot.
Yeah, I really like eggman's sprite.
Light would cover that bill without thinking. I mean, 999 billion bucks for a gift, whats a couple billion a month?
Way to beat up on the secondary character!
Weapons from The peoples sprites. Shyguys from shyguy kingdom, I assume. They are both very good resources.

A little non-canon never hurt anyone. Did it? WELL, besides the characters.