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Hello there! My Name is Werewolves Rock aj, but you can call me aj, Wolf, Werewolf, whatever you want as long as I know you are referring to me.(please don't give me a name that I have no idea what you're talking about XD) This name is also the name of my YouTube channel. I also have a Deviantart, but it's name is slightly different so I'll add something for that at some point(maybe). Anyhow, I love Pokemon, but have never had the courage to create a comic since I feel like I don't have an interesting story(yet!), but when I do get an idea, boy oh boy, will I try to get it on here! Anyway, I love to draw and play games, as well as eating(I mean who doesn't?), but I want to try and achieve things as well! (Btw I rlly love Hamilton, I might put some Pokemon Hamilton stuff or just Hamilton stuff in general here, so beware)