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@zenat: The Dwarf Commoner, right? I only really knew their Origin so the Douchecan comics were pretty hilarious because he was all but a knight in shining armor for the Dwarf Commoner who would probably have been executed otherwise. Or something like that, it's been really long but Dwarf Commoner <3
Happy Birthday, C&H! :D

I agree, though. Aveline can hardly blame Hawke for her murderous ways if she joins in or ignores them. XD
Ah, but Racter is a fun character to talk to and have around. I like him quite a lot and his "I am a villain" is just part of his charm.
Shadowrun Dragonfall and Hong King are amazing. I could never get myself to bring Dante along anywhere, I just shower him with love while I'm at the Kreuzbazar.

I tend to switch between elf or dwarf in Shadowrun. Dwarves make excellent mages (unlike in DA. Though I love my DA dwarf rogues.)