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Nerd, fedora-boi, I like bowties, videogames, books, and Warhammer 40k.
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@Seven Rain: You come across an enchanted dream speech! Scary, magical dream test, as far as the eye can see!
*spider man appears* "Dare you enter my magical realm?"

tabletop reference brought to you by Redjive Industries

@sentiashinou I'm not sure why but that just made my day
@Yenzala: whee new commenters, finally.
@JoKeR: I can't remember his name, but it's the guy who is possessing the Guard Captain guy from Not Verge(TM)
@Seven Rain: I believe I remember who this is...
also holy christ that got GrimDark. I'm gonna have to ask you to take that from a 10, all the way down to a 3.

Flawless Logic brought to you by RedJive Industr:3s
@Seven Rain: OOOOOH mystery. Yayyyyyyyyyyy.
sorry couldn't think of a witty response ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
RIP Ixis. Finally mildly recovered from his fight with Ixal, and now he's covered in blood again :(
@Seven Rain: And now whoever controls this dream is like 'BOI PAY ATTENTION'
@Seven Rain: Ixis looks absolutely pissed about this dream ruining his sleep.
@Seven Rain: This is not relevant whatsoever... but as I read this my history teacher is playing a video about area 1-51. I.E. the U.S. nuclear testing zones, and air vehicle testing field.
@JoKeR: What's this about you doing something similar? And where can I find it?
Considering you punched Ixal (or at least tried) when you were clearly outmatched, I'd say you'll make a most excellent warrior, Reina.
I invoke thee, Obi-Wan!

"Hello there."

You too Ben!

"Hello there!"
@Seven Rain: Don't worry about it. I have ADHD, so whenever I think of an idea I try to get someone else in on it so that they can keep me on track when I lose interest. I can respect a man who lone-wolf's something like this and manages to dedicate as much time as you do to it.

Flawless logic brought to you by Redjive Industries

on an unrelated note I keep scrolling up and seeing Reina's smug face in the first frame and for some reason it's funny.
@Seven Rain: Well, you know where to find me. My coding skills are yours, as is my wallet and all the cobwebs inside of it.

I've always wanted to try my hand at really making a game, I just always had trouble with thinking of a coherent plot. In any case I shall have neither the computer time nor the skills to code a game for at least 2 years, but my email won't have changed.
@Seven Rain: Well that was grim. Although it was exactly what I was thinking, so I guess that says more about me than you. BLOOD FOR THE BL- *cough cough* I mean,
Flawless Logic brought to you by Redjive Industries
Not gonna lie, unless I were playing some sort of professional person, I'd have Ixis just-long-enough hair. I've never been able to pull off long or messy hair (my hat gets in the way)
Regarding a game... If someone else did the art, I could *maybe?* code the movement patterns. Or we could do a UnderTale style game. That'd be easier. Someone else would still have to do the art.
Subnote: God dammit Reina stop jinxing it.
@Seven Rain: Ayyyy. I keep forgetting that the comic is already online, and most people use wikis for stuff that's not conveniently available online, like WH40k or literally every other tabletop game ever. Or books. Oh well, I'll just keep on truckin.
@TheJGamer: I can't help but love your new profile pic. Especially because of theRussianBadger
@Seven Rain: Gotta admit it looks ominous AF though.
And now, our feature presentation.

Anyone else remember that from VHS and old DVD's?


the wikia is still there at
feel free to add to it and all that, you just need a wiki account (mostly so that I can feel better about myself because the visitor count bar will tick up)
K thx back to the not so witty jokes

Flawless Logic brought to you by Redjive Industries