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Nerd, fedora-boi, I like bowties, videogames, books, and Warhammer 40k. Budding photographer as well (shame I can't find an EE-100 that actually works, it'd go well with my fedora ;_;).
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Renny be like *insert M'lady joke that makes everyone laugh*
(this ought to be a m'laria picture)
I unironically do flamboyant bows like Renny is doing IRL. Never change Renny, Never change... unless it's to put on a fedora, in which case -imitates Palpatine- DO IT.
"Do you expect me to talk?"
"Oh no Mrs. Reina; I expect you to dine*."

*y'see, because she's actually being treated pretty well, for a prisoner
I forgot about smug purple haired person and her magical earrings of friendship/half faced-ness
pretend I made this comment when the episode came out
Ixis put on a black tank top and heavy boots, so he's ready to go! (and also he's glowing, that's probably important as well)
I've been reading back starting at Rosen, and I was going to comment somewhere about how Ixis' eyes are a lot more red than they are in Verge, but now I've confirmed my theory of "I'm not saying it was Rosen....
but it was Rosen", seeing as the whole pink/purple/red glow fading from his eyes and then going back to just red in the next strip implies that his eyes are more pink because Rosen.

I've said this in a different dream... but Ixis looks so done with his dreams' shit.
@Seven Rain: That doesn't reassure me at all. Of course, that doesn't mean anything bad will happen right away... Right?
... Right?
I love that Ixis' iris' shrink in awe at whatever he's looking at, compared to when he was at the door to the building.

Also lol even medieval/renaissance-ish lobby secretaries still can't force themselves to not be bored for minimum wage.
@Seven Rain: If ever someone gets to complaining too much about the handguards, just make them extend out as blade catchers (which are practical, as you can snap that shit and then you're enemy has no blade) in a similar fashion to those knives that the one ninja turtle uses.

Badass and useful.
@JoKeR: Unrealistic swords are nice... but even if I dream up a character who is *insert unrealistic even in magic terms ability or race here*, I still always opt for a simple bastard sword within minimal ornamentation over, let us say, literally every sword ever used in Africa ever. Of course, I'd rather have a mace or a hammer (don't need to worry about learning how to cut past armor or find weak spots when you can just break their bones and smash the blade out of their hands)
'Sheathed within your soul'
That doesn't sound very good for you health...
@Seven Rain: (he's baaaaaaaaack! And he has the same adorable grin!)
@Seven Rain: I can relate. It's a delicate balance between 'recognizable accent' and 'stereotypical accent', and of course odd speechisms are the same between certain languages (French and German people mispronounce a lot of the same words, for example)
@Seven Rain: floating continents are always a good thing in my opinion, because floating land=airships and airships are cool, even if they tend to become either giant fireballs (insert Hindenburg hyperlink) or impossible un-aerodynamic (insert links to the Stormraven and Thunderhawk gunships)
@Seven Rain: I'm not sure about everyone else.... but I personally feel that alternating episode postings between this and WOE would probably be okay with the rest of the fanbase. Certainly it'd be nice to have a way to info-dump or just read something new without exposition and such (that is to say, without a character having to make an 'As you all know *insert information that the readers need*' speech)
@Seven Rain: It worked (the backgrounds). As for if it ends before the 1000 mark... Find out next time on Wings Over Ethereal! *game of thrones theme intensifies*

also continue making EthereaVerse pages and such it'd be interesting I dunno ifyoucan'tthinkofanythingyoudon'thavetobutIpersonallyfeelalternatingbetweenthetwowo uldbeniceandstuffforvarietydon'tfeelpressured
@Redjive: On an entirely unrelated note, whilst trying to transfer the :toot: smiley from the Something Awful forums, I found an animated This Is Fine smiley, if anyone knows what that is.
@Seven Rain: Everyone's so cheerful! It really makes a nice contrast/interlude from the 'mildly grimdark citadel-in-the-sky' feel from when Reina got captured. I really love market scenes... so many things can happen, either a backstory reveal, or just a cheerful walk, a riot if it's a GoT style series, etc. etc. Happy 800th as well!
I must admit... Renny comes very very close to being more adorable/cute than Ixis.

Of course, a cute grin always helps, which Ixis has been lacking for a fair amount of time, but still.