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Nerd, fedora-boi, I like bowties, videogames, books, and Warhammer 40k. Budding photographer as well (shame I can't find an EE-100 that actually works, it'd go well with my fedora ;_;).
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Reminds me of one of the character arts of Kokichi Oma from Danganronpa v3
I'm looking at the unofficial social media pages for my college's dorm roommate surveys etc, and I just realized that the only social media I have (Twitter) has nothing but a few retweets and a picture of Vladimir Lenin, God-Emperor of Communism.

For some reason I felt a need to share that. Excuse me whilst I go make a FB specifically for the purpose of getting a good roommate.
Renny is pretty much the personification of the :3 emote.
@sentiashinou: That'll definitely be me in my first relationship... assuming I find someone who'll have me.
*nervous sweating intensifies*
Iza be like: UwU what's this?
I've always preferred it when the author makes it obvious which characters are in a relationship/will be in a relationship than when they leave it up to the reader...
Not gonna lie that's mostly because the constant shipping in the comments on one of my favorite comics really irritates me, primarily because the characters are in middle school, and the one character is just super clingy, not necessarily shipping with the other one.

Also hello! I've been gone for a while, and haven't taken the time to check on this. Busy making arrangements for a project I refer to as Operation Baskerville Green.
Wait, dammit, should've saved that for when nightmare spider look in' guy shows up.
*insert Scary Terry joke*
@Seven Rain: Oof! Ixis has smol clothing by virtue of being smol, and Reina has smol clothing by virtue of being tol.
@sentiashinou: D'awwwwwwww.
That's Misty and Lexin, right?
This looks absolutely fantastic. The shadows of on Misty, Christie, and Lexin's faces look really good as well.
Wait now Iza doesn't remind me of the hooman, she reminds me of whoever it is, the.... Queen or something, some sort of matriarch, can't remember the name or the proper title. THATS who I was thinking of.

Man now I really want to read DrowTales
@Seven Rain
It's definitely... Interesting. It's heavily based in D&D lore, and assumes you have a bit of knowledge of the Underdark. I found it when I barely knew what D&D was (ah, the days of my youth), and hadn't the slightest bit of knowledge of any of the lore. The original DTales art is black and white (or at least it was when I first started it, I think I took a look at it last year and they had filled in the colour) and the dark skin tone of Iza combined with the menacing armour reminded me of... Actually she reminds of the one human chick who's in the arena.
(You'll know what I'm talking about if you read it)

Anyways the Underdark is a pretty horrible place, worse than The Outside, and they writers pulled very few punches in terms of censoring damn near anything. Some of this is amusing: anything involving Blueberry, for example, and in some cases a bit off putting; a character who is a pedo who keeps stalking one of the MCs, and also some Resident Evil level villainy-ness.

I'd give it a 4/5. Overall it's pretty good, as long as you keep track of major plot events.
Now I know what this reminds me of!
Iza's armour looks a lot like some of the armour in that comic (which is a very very odd one), and the story has a bit of similarity as well, although not much. That's been bothering me for like three days (why this episode seemed so familiar) and now I know what it reminded me of
Ah Renny. Never change.
Christy is very much adorable. D'awwwww.

Gee, I wonder who could possibly be responsible for Ixis' parent's murders *cough* Sirius and Dalton *cough*

Also, the scene with the loud twangy noise, I thought that was Dalton hitting Ixis with a dart or something, didn't realize that was Ixis' injuries acting up.
First day of school today. Wish me luck!
Ixis probably looked at the picture at thought "No one else could possibly have such angry eyebrows."