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Nerd, fedora-boi, I like bowties, videogames, books, and Warhammer 40k. Budding photographer as well (shame I can't find an EE-100 that actually works, it'd go well with my fedora ;_;).
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Just making sure. It's for the best actually, I've been unable to get to a computer for the past two weeks, and it'd be a pain to upload the pic from my iPod.
(We're still on for the shirts, right?)
TWANG! "Did someone just drop a [piano/guitar/mandolin/lute/ similar stringed instrument]?
Ah, gossipers. No good palace would be complete without talkative servants.
Store is up (, shirts will be up for sale.... Let's call it a month, maybe sooner. Also lemme know if any of you live outside the North America, that might be any issue (almost certainly not though.)
Sirs and Madams, Lads and Ladies, I am pleased to announce that Project: InsertAwesomeTshirtCodeword is a go. I am happy to announce that I am Seven Rain's busy fan, and I plan to have a WOE shirt store up on TeeSpring within the day. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone who is interested (including people who don't normally comment) would put up a message on this episode so I know how many shirts to purchase, as this will (unfortunately) be a limited sale, since I can't afford to just keep shirts in some warehouse. SR gets the vast majority of the profits, of course. Price should be about $15-$20 (the price of a cheap shirt at Kohl's), and sale will start sometime after July 9th.
Fun to wear too. I've got a pair with leather palms that are really nice for biking, physical labor, and pretending I know what I'm doing at Airsoft and paintball games.
I've just noticed that the majority of Etherians, and especially the gents, tend to wear fingerless gloves, which I approve of in any male or female who is of the military type. Also those children playing ball on 62
@Seven Rain: lol figured that was what happened. Just wanted to make sure! I look forward to it!
My proposal is still up for grabs Seven, BTW
Diplomacy: The Art of telling people polite things and lies whilst swearing at them in 3 or 4 languages in your head.
@Seven Rain: EXACTLY!
@Seven Rain: Looks fine to me. Anyways, assuming the side stuff is related to the lore of WOE, then I'd say you do you, i.e. whatever you think needs doing first.

If not, then the reason you're focusing on the side stuff is because it's probably more important than WOE. ALSO ACK CREEPY CLAW HAND THAT'S PROBABLY NOT A MENACING PERSON BUT STILL!
@Seven Rain: pfffft *waves hand in a manner that conveys a desire for you to not worry about it* I've barely touched that thing since the first 2 weeks it was up. And I'm the one who's a self-named computer 'professional'
@Seven Rain: Thanks! *time to actually add useful info to the wiki*
In other news, yes, the railings on the stairway are far too short, but honestly? Railing on staircases like that are generally more for decoration than safety, and it looks pretty decorative at that height. In any case, perspective is a real b*tch to get right (primary reason why I can't draw=perspective), and even worse if you're creating the art from scratch (as opposed to, say, drawing a house that's in front of you).

Sometimes we lose the wind in our sails, and we have to row.
Other times...
the wind blows our sails clean off, and the only way to survive is to drop your anchors and ride out the storm as best as we can. Just remember how far you've gone from where you started, and that we'll always be at the harbor, patiently waiting for your safe return.

(I'm super proud of meself for making that up on the spot.)
Your health comes first. We all have our down days (even if you're like me and have the emotional memory of a goldfish and can't be depressed even if you try), I'm just glad you're okay!

On an unrelated note, what's Renny's last name?
@Redjive: The series which I refer to has many dragons in it, and it reminded me of another series with dragons by Chris D'lacey (Last Dragon Chronicles. It's pretty neato if you like dragons). I've just spent 30 minutes reliving my childhood via the TV tropes page for the series, and I'm laughing at some of the jokes (including the ending, which through various timey wimey nonsense plays off the events of the previous 6 books as a book series written by the main character of the actual series, which is hilarious). I'm gonna go find all the books in my library now. I had a copy of the fourth book...
@Seven Rain: Name her.... actually is she related to any of the other characters? She and Renny had similar hair styles... actually identical hair styles... I can't tell if their eyes are similar tho because Renny is always squinting because he's fatally happy. (there was this book I read where the one character could literally find silver lining in everything... including near death "Hey sweet, this blanket is my favorite color! Blue! That was lucky!" "We all got blue blankets." "Yeah, so it's lucky that my favorite color was blue!". Renny reminds me of him.)
@Seven Rain: *To Zanarkand plays softly in the background as I take my own fedora off and stand at attention*