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Nerd, fedora-boi, I like bowties, videogames, books, and Warhammer 40k.
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These past few episodes have just been Survivors_Guilt.JPG
It's amazing how when you're the one who gets out unscathed, you always feel like it's you're fault that the ones who optionally risked injury and death to help you got hurt. You should've done something more to help them right?
@sentiashinou: You make my lack of drawing skill painfully obvious. *shot through the heart plays in the background*
Someone FINALLY notices. I mean, I guess the black shirts are in of themselves fairly distinctive, but still. At least now, for morale purposes, they should wear proper uniforms.
Woah we got some new commenters! Welcome JGamer and Cap'n Ghost. Joker and Sentia, nice to see you're still here as well! Also hai Seven!
Monica knows what's important right now: Shipping Ixis and Reina :3
@Seven Rain: After all the random crap I've said? It'd be my pleasure.

Project Wonderful Ads on either 1d4chan or the LP Archive. I'm sure there are BLOODEH FAAHSANDS of people who got here through the same ads, but I comment a lot just because talking is kinda a part of me. Also because you actually comment back, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D, and SmackJeeves isn't blocked on school wifi.

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@Seven Rain: You underestimate the POWAH of the DAHK SEIDE!
@JoKeR: Oh. The abridged version is great, BTW.
EVERYONE WATCH HELLSING ABRIDGED BY TFS ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW. Unless you're very politically correct, in which case, don't.

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@Seven Rain: No joke, she looks like 4 feet tall. If she were less serious I'd say it's to make people underestimate her, but she looks pretty threatening.
@JoKeR: Not to be a nit picky A-hole...
But I love Hellsing Abridged, you're looking for
"Release restraint level 1"
"Level what?"
*insert ominous music or piano chord*
Is it just me is is the king abso-bloody-lutely massive compared to everyone else. Also Miranda (is that the Lady Knight's name?) blue hair, in the center, is not just shorter but also thinner, smaller eyes, literally everything about her except her personality is smaller than everyone else in this pic. Just an observation.

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@Seven Rain: In regards to their numbers, considering that they have AN ENTIRE BLOODY UNIVERSE to populate, but they are also immortal, I'd say thousands sounds more reasonable. Given my guesstimate as to the rough age of the EthereaVerse, I'd say in my not at all professional opinion that it's not improbable for the remaining draconians to know all the rest by simple stint of *damn that guy is still alive? It's been billions of years!* sort of thing. *pause* *inhales* I had an analogy for this but I can't remember what it's from now, but what i'm trying to say is, an immortal race that's been around for billions of years, and no new ones are born, eventually you'll know who everyone is, by simple fact of the ones who remain will have definitely encountered the others at some point, or have met someone who did. But hundreds across an entire EthereaVerse doesn't seem likely to me.

I sometimes have days where I can't say a damn thing without making it a 3 page essay. Today's one of them lol

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@Seven Rain: The elves of LOTR (to the best of my knowledge) do not give birth to elven children, and if they do, very, very rarely. Elves can marry and have children with humans, but the children will, at best, be half elven, and not even that sometimes. In addition, having a relationship with a human means the elf has to make 'the Choice'-- Remain immortal but be unable to regularly interact with said human, or become intimately involved with said human (or other mortal, I guess) and give up their immortality? Either way, they will still leave Middle Earth eventually, whether by dying in battle, becoming mortal, or (if they remain High Elves) to eventually sail to the West, to the Undying Lands. I.E. no new elves, but the ones currently alive are founts of knowledge, well known for their wise ways.

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@Seven Rain: The impression I was getting was LOTR elves (non renewable resource)
@Seven Rain: Me to, just like to act fake insulted. Gives me a reason to say 'How bloody dare you!' etc.

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@Seven Rain: How bloody dare you accuse us filthy Easterners of having an accent!
Only people from Boston have an accent!
Honestly I've been kind of unconsciously doing that most of the time.

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@sentiashinou: I'm not sure how to respond to that. :P

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Falco- I mean.... damn I've actually forgotten his name (goes back a few pages) err Fathom looks thoughtful in this. *Shrug* I had something important to say but I've forgotten it.

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@Seven Rain: At your service as always, M'Lady/Lord *sweeps off fedora as he bows*