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Fan of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, BLiNX, Mega Man, Mario, and Wario franchises! Just casually looking at the webcomics that interest me.
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@StarlightNexus-Chan: You're an awesome webcomic artist! Astounding how you managed to make a PMD webcomic that has a great artstyle, believable story + atmosphere, AND a great character who's ALSO a Shaymin, one of my fave Pokemon species no doubt! Also, Fletcher became a surprise favorite character of mine, he's genuinely funny and a clever reversal of the whole "quirky leader" character archetype we got from Explorers and Super Mystery Dungeon!
Happy Yalini-approved birthday! :)
All I can say is, hope you get better!
Hopefully, no one in this comments section gets impatient from the wait, cause we were sorta spoiled by how consistent these updates were for the webcomic, making up a satisfying 728 page story for people to get invested in even to this day!
Woohoo! I do think this has a good chance of leaning towards love territory, by the way!
I must say, I'm getting pretty excited for the potential of this redo of the original comic!
That's all I can say for now, since there's not much here yet.
I painstakingly wrote down the Unown letters right here for those who don't want to take the long time to read it themselves!:

(Left Page)
"From the beginning an entity originated from nothing and created the galaxies, stars, planets, everything that is seen, he created it."

"For millions of years, he worked alone taking care of the balanace, reality, space, and time of the universe feeling quite alone."

"One day he created Xetonoa, a planet that was capable of harboring life, but he thought that those creatures would be very violent without supervision, so I believe other entities such as the birth the nothingness of matter with the mission of protecting the life and take care of it and relegate itself to a secondary role."

(Right Page)
"Make me remember what happened to me to forget what happened to me."
"Please grant me power to change my perspective and move forward again."
@pipipipi: This all feels pretty epic, just like you intended! I feel bad not saying it earlier, but this impressive altered story easily makes up for the surprisingly easy time you had when playing the game to make the nuzlocke comic years back. Other nuzlocke comic series don't even come close to drawing me in like this one, so my hype for the finale is through the roof! Thank you so much for this webcomic, Pi!
(One last question to end my comment: After the story ends, are you going to provide a couple of extra episodes to explore any aspects of the story that couldn't immediately be tied up by the final confrontation?)
Yes, it's back at such a fitting time! That ominous set of clouds at the end really has me hooked, just like it should, since that's probably its intention! Anything could happen at this point, considering the extended story here...
As much as I like Mewtwo in this comic, I still hope it gets "put on a bus" (TvTropes term) for the time being. Let's see if Hoopa will make that happen!
@That Awkward Water Master: Yes. Look at the Unown in this page early on in Volume 1 closely -
Such a serious sounding Tangrowth! I never thought I would have said that! I wonder if we'll see him in action soon...
So Darkrai is going to somehow make food out of Mewtwo's dreams/nightmares, like "The Nightmare" dungeon from Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky? Okay then.
@pipipipi: So, I just finished reading this comic for the first time through one super long archive binge, and I have to say...
The moment I saw that one of the more popular Pokemon comics was a nuzlocke comic set in the story of Black & White, I knew I struck gold, considering how Black & White's story could fit well with that kind of twist.
Even without the nuzlocke element, this comic's interpretation of Unova's already interesting backstory impressed me!
I've been looking for an interesting perspective on my favorite core series Pokemon story, and I'm glad that this webcomic delivered.
It's even better that I just came in at an exciting time when the webcomic's story is nearly over!
Well done, and you deserve the fave!
Happy new year! Knowing that this comic will end near the end of 2018 or very early 2019 gives me the goosebumps!
A Final Stretch indeed! I've read this entire comic so far in a whole archive binge and only created my Smackjeeves account now, all because of this webcomic! I can only thank the team behind Victory Fire for making this intriguing story from start to end, and based off of how many pages each book has and how many weeks there are in a year, there's only about a year left to go before this comic has to sadly end! I'm excited to see how where the very finale of this comic is going.
@Kiel124a: Hey, since you've came back, I'd like to recommend a PMD Webcomic that I'm surprised you don't have on your favorite Webcomics list yet, called PMD: Victory Fire! Note that the webcomic expects you to know the Explorers games at least at face value and so far ignores the existence of Gates To Infinity + Super Mystery Dungeon, but it'll explain the other games it's based on well to those who haven't played them yet!