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Unjustified lover of proper language.

Other things, ask.
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January 14th, 2009
*holds up copy*


*patiently waits for Volume 2*
That. Is. Awesome.
That's how a cover should look like. Very interesting

EDIT: Waitasecond, is his sword's blade upside down?

- *reads through giant bubble of text*
- *contemplates*
- *looks for details he missed*
- giggles and "Genius"
- *takes a sip, simultaneously notices last panel*
- laughing
- more laughing

- "Ohmygosh her sister?"

*sudden urge to type*
*sudden craving for bratwurst*
Sic's Thoughts:

- WTF who killed Tokio Hotel
- That guy must be awesome
- No actually eewww who wnts to stab them
- Wait what? Stab?
- *rereads*
- *flashback*
- "Oh."
- "*what Adam says*"
- lol
- *writes*

-- shot
January 11th, 2009
German accent is cracking me up every time I see it. HA. Yay for german swearing! XD

Note: There is actually no Capital ß (hope it shows right) in German (not officially, but that letter looks crap anyways), instead, a double S is used. As in, "SCHEISSE!"
Fuuuuck this is evil.

... If laughing at this is wrong, I guess being right should be outlawed, or I may have to go see a psychatrist.
December 12th, 2008
I'm sure, this strip taken as a single, would irritate the heck out of normal people, and make perfect sense to most artists. Heh.

...Panel 4: "Different", not "diffrent". See also page three.
Oh... goodness how I love those.

Pffft. Bratwurst. Hilarious. (Though, testicle would've been more accurate from the looks...)

*kicks him in the face*

Sixth panel is... making me hope you don't ever let him do fanservice.

EDIT... Comment virginity? I feel dirty. So very, very, veeeery dirty.
December 7th, 2008
Goodess that looks awesome. I'm really looking forward to more of those.

EDITEDITBLOODYEDIT: It's "actually". Not "acually".
Winslow ... in Gay Week? *whinces*
...death. Nobody said anything about torture. Then it's not the bunny killing the puppy, but the bloodloss.
Your pee will beg for mercy.
Mengele got the right "profession". You cannot heal 'em, just kill 'em.
And I agree with ninjies.
Look at author comment's date.
There's a render in everybody.
You seem to have quite a lot of pages behind the back.
People like us like viewing cruelity and violence, in order not to express it IRL...
hehe Jailbait assault.
Dreamy looks winning dreamy.

Thanks for commenting on ......!
Title lets one screw with.
This is a very good page. Yet, somebody had to help her some time now...
Don't die Bathory, and don't get crippled. Blessings.

So I figure the pole wasn't very sharp aka useful, as there's not a long way to all the intestines/the aorta that place... Blah.

[edit: *grin* doublepagerape]
Regret looks like a very painful thing. Ouch.

Sic's selfhatred: Omnomnom