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the real squirtle
A pokemon\video game nerd that just likes to voice his opinion.
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@Derpygungun123: ok cut that, this is just too much
Good luck, this comic got me into smackjeeves, so thank you for this comic
There is always time for idle gossip
@Lost£evee: This would be WAY more than 3
@Lost£evee: Yah, I know
@Lost£evee: I think so too
@Weter 23: It is still water
@Guest: Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever
They are in the wide open, and they made a lot of noise, someone is bound to hear that
@LonleyWolf: This conversation being right, surprising, what's not surprising, how much this random person saved while switching to geico
@Guest: Can you repeat what you just said. But just cut to the chase please
@LittleMoons: It has always worked for me, all I say is, "Hey google."
Its just a floating eye, what's to be afraid of?
@Dusty Maku: He still wouldn't die. Becauseh he has main character immortality
@knux400: The "Apple" company logo maker