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They are in the wide open, and they made a lot of noise, someone is bound to hear that
@LonleyWolf: This conversation being right, surprising, what's not surprising, how much this random person saved while switching to geico
@Guest: Can you repeat what you just said. But just cut to the chase please
@LittleMoons: It has always worked for me, all I say is, "Hey google."
Its just a floating eye, what's to be afraid of?
@Dusty Maku: He still wouldn't die. Becauseh he has main character immortality
@knux400: The "Apple" company logo maker
@Flamelight7: Yes... and it will BURN
Wait... Vagus is a water type, water types usually love the water so... it would be better if he was to walk the plank. He could just simply swim next to the boat to end up where their destination.
@Guest: yeah!!! I'm not the only one:D
Last panel
Think is an understatement
It's"Holy Arceus!"
@TheGreatEmad: ( 10:06:00-10:10:25
@Mystic Fire: I don't know if you misted it earlier or knot, but we love PUNishing people that hate puns. Good or bad
Annnd... Cue cut scene
Yet they will still probably have secrets