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I just like Comics.
Sorry for the late update. Last week life got the best of me, and I couldn't get the page done. But this week I have the update!
I decided that for this I would draw the two different designs for the main character. They honestly are a completely different person, considering the old main character was kind of pessimistic (but the way I wrote her was bad and inconsistent), and the new one, I'm thinking, is more Positive.
I got another page up! Also, Ten fans! I'll make sure to get something up at some point.
So again I managed to get a page up on time. Depending on how much time I have over the weekend, I'll be able to have 2 pages for next week, or for a buffer since I still haven't made one....
I did it!
I finally updated as promised! Things have been going smoothly, although I failed to make that buffer I spoke of, instead, I think I'll try to make two pages at a time and update throughout the week, maybe Wednesday and Friday... I'm not really sure how things are going to work for me, and lets hope life doesn't get too much in the way, or my procrastination. Otherwise, I'll see you guys sometime next week!
I promised myself I would make a buffer of at least five pages, and I still have time to do so, but I felt that I should at least post the first page, and there might another on Friday, if I get enough pages done in that time frame (which I should). I've also gotten better at some things (teleportation and how to show that) hopefully it's noticeable.
Let me know if I come off sounding mean, but I did notice that you mixed up the 'i' and the 'e' in Fennekin.
So these past three months I have literally done nothing with Heart of Dusk. No it's not dead, but I have been working on building other comics. It will probably be a little longer until this updates again, but hopefully not too long.

On a happier note, I redid the cover for Heart of Dusk. The old one wasn't up to date with my art style, and it just didn't work. The text was also gross. This one should be better! This time I'll hopefully get pages done, but life happens.

Kiya, the main character, also underwent a major redesign Her markings have changed and her fur color is a little lighter now. along with her eye color.
Do I see Tess's eyes changing color? Wonder what that could mean.
I might be taking a little break after this, I've run out of pages and I'm obviously really slow at updating. So, I might be absent for longer than usual.
Sorry I missed Last weeks Update, It should have been done. But at least I didn't miss this week. And so, we have this page. If there are any questions, please ask and I will try and answer them.
Yes an update, I was waiting to see what would happen next. I also wonder how many "shiny incident" talks they have had.
Powers: fire/fire
Species: Exotic
Fur color: Teal
Here's the next page. I don't really have much to say about this page, so enjoy!
It's back!!!
HoD is back, and will have an update next week!
Note: In the last panel, Kobalt teleported.
Good news, I updated!
Bad news, This might be the last update until September... I'm not sure if I can update using a handheld device like a phone or tablet, and even so, it would have to be traditional. So if there is any advice, please comment.
Also, if I can update my traditional pages, It would be on Lined paper (I have too much of it and I don't like wasting good drawing paper), and since i don't have a scanner like some people do, it might be be a bit blurry.

Again, if there is a possible way to update using a handheld device please tell me. (I'm only asking because when I signed in using my handheld, I never saw the Author toolbar. I might have just missed it, but if I didn't ill need some help.
An Update
So, I took a little too long for this update... But it's up! I'm still practicing with my backgrounds, so things might change a little.
I updated on time again! Here you can see I've been playing around with lighting and backgrounds.
First: Kiya was dreaming (for those who were confused).
Second: I think I'll be able to start updating comics weekly.
Another Update!
Well, I have another page in. I would have uploaded it sooner, but I got sick. Anyways, we get to meet Kya! Next page will be out soon (ish?).
Anyways, Kya is running into a battle that already ended for a reason that will be revealed WAY later in the story. and obviously, something died.

Other stuff:
I'm making a PMD comic! I will have it uploaded when I'm a few pages in or have some concept art and whatnot done.