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Hi! I'm a teen who's been wanting to write comics ever since a person challenged them to do so. I started by drawing the comics on paper, and I still do for a reference when I use Medibang paint pro. I like to draw, obviously, but I also like to read and write and did at one time play the violin.
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I updated on time again! Here you can see I've been playing around with lighting and backgrounds, and some of those brushes mentioned on the new page of Descent of Eventide.
I Updated this week! And I've gotten a lot of new brushes so things will be a little easier for me until I get a little better at drawing specific things (water, some trees and horizon stuff.
Riza is so adorable in the last to panels.
The page isn't showing up for me.
Yes! I updated two comics in one day! okay, this is just a cover, the real page will come out next week. I'm hoping to get into double digits with fans, (I really want to draw a "thanks for 10+ fans!" page). also, if anyone would like add Oc's into either Heart of Dusk, or this comic feel free to do so.
Note: the characters will probably be background characters, for making a scene look a little more lively. No excessive gore, please. please keep arms/legs/eyes to a single digit (I sometimes have trouble fitting all the extra stuff into a small space.) if you have a reference or already drew your character, please leave a link. (I would recommend that any OC submissions be commented in).
First: Kiya was dreaming (for those who were confused).
Second: I think I'll be able to start updating comics weekly.
So, this is just some practice art. I will add more as they are completed. And some may be based off of scenes that I want to add into the story as it progresses.

So, now that I'm doing two comics (probably a bad idea), I will try to update both comics on the same day, which means updates might be even longer, unless i'm super motivated.
Another Update!
Well, I have another page in. I would have uploaded it sooner, but I got sick. Anyways, we get to meet Kya! Next page will be out soon (ish?).
Anyways, Kya is running into a battle that already ended for a reason that will be revealed WAY later in the story. and obviously, something died.

Other stuff:
I'm making a PMD comic! I will have it uploaded when I'm a few pages in or have some concept art and whatnot done.
I updated within the week! the first page of this chapter, if I'm motivated enough, will be out next week.
@CrocodileMints: Okay! But more types of shinies in the games would be fun.
Haazaa! when i read this page the first time I didn't even bother reading the Unown words, but This time I did and I can read it!! It's not too hard.
Alright, DOUBLE UPDATE! I was bored Last night and I had finished page three already, and so I whipped up this page. I'll be giving Kiya and Ryker a better character page too. For those that don't understand whats going on in this page, Viktor (the grey mouse thingy) was killed. Prologue is now finished, (I know, really short for a prologue). Chapter 1 will come out soon, maybe next week for the cover.
Okay, nothing seems wrong here. Sheraton is hopefully pronounced easily. And thanks to whoever liked my comic! I appreciate that someone likes what I am doing. Also, updates will hopefully be less random in the future.
(The reason this update took so long is because I got caught up playing Pokemon games, and working on a PMD comic.) For more info on the PMD comic, I'll be adding a news post, but it won't be on smackjeeves until I get at least five pages ahead, and I still want to give it a different style than Heart of Dusk.
I just realized that's also the title for one of the original books. XD
@Experiment04LLZ: Or, a fire type to use ember either on the ice or near it. *glances towards Historia* but yes time will always be needed.
Umbreon? Lucario? Another Riolu? I must read and find out.
Oooh, new type of shiny sylveon. They should have more types of shiny Pokemon in the games. especially for those that like to catch/ raise shiny Pokemon.
I Chico off page/panel or did they get left behind in the adrenaline rush?
(Sorry to call Chico 'they', I don't remember genders of creatures very well.)
It's not gibberish though, gibberish would have no meaning towards it, what those kids spoke had meaning.
Page 2 is out! For the first time I have text! All questions you have about this page will hopefully be answered in the next few pages. And the mouse thing can talk through telepathy. (Only because I forgot to change the thought bubble into a speech bubble.) And when the bat/dragon has the question above it's head, it's supposed to be because the Viktor, the mouse thing, was supposed to be running away in the dark tunnel.