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Hi! I'm a teen who's been wanting to write comics ever since a person challenged them to do so. I started by drawing the comics on paper, and I still do for a reference when I use Medibang paint pro. I like to draw, obviously, but I also like to read and write and did at one time play the violin.
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@CrocodileMints: Okay! But more types of shinies in the games would be fun.
Haazaa! when i read this page the first time I didn't even bother reading the Unown words, but This time I did and I can read it!! It's not too hard.
Alright, DOUBLE UPDATE! I was bored Last night and I had finished page three already, and so I whipped up this page. I'll be giving Kiya and Ryker a better character page too. For those that don't understand whats going on in this page, Viktor (the grey mouse thingy) was killed. Prologue is now finished, (I know, really short for a prologue). Chapter 1 will come out soon, maybe next week for the cover. If anyone has any Cameos/Comments, I could use them really soon (for suggestions, characters, etc.). But if I must I'll make some background characters up.
Okay, nothing seems wrong here. Sheraton is hopefully pronounced easily. And thanks to whoever liked my comic! I appreciate that someone likes what I am doing. Also, updates will hopefully be less random in the future.
(The reason this update took so long is because I got caught up playing Pokemon games, and working on a PMD comic.) For more info on the PMD comic, I'll be adding a news post, but it won't be on smackjeeves until I get at least five pages ahead, and I still want to give it a different style than Heart of Dusk.
I just realized that's also the title for one of the original books. XD
@Experiment04LLZ: Or, a fire type to use ember either on the ice or near it. *glances towards Historia* but yes time will always be needed.
Umbreon? Lucario? Another Riolu? I must read and find out.
Oooh, new type of shiny sylveon. They should have more types of shiny Pokemon in the games. especially for those that like to catch/ raise shiny Pokemon.
I Chico off page/panel or did they get left behind in the adrenaline rush?
(Sorry to call Chico 'they', I don't remember genders of creatures very well.)
It's not gibberish though, gibberish would have no meaning towards it, what those kids spoke had meaning.
Page 2 is out! For the first time I have text! All questions you have about this page will hopefully be answered in the next few pages. And the mouse thing can talk through telepathy. (Only because I forgot to change the thought bubble into a speech bubble.) And when the bat/dragon has the question above it's head, it's supposed to be because the Viktor, the mouse thing, was supposed to be running away in the dark tunnel.
First page is fixed, it is now upright. I'm still refining my comic writing skills, so these first few pages might not make much sense.
Okay, my first cameo submission. I'm basing this off of my fanfiction i wrote last year on wattpad. but, i'm changing the partner since her partner is a riolu.

Name: Mina
Species: Kirlia
Looks: I normal Kirlia but wears a royal blue bandanna/cloth around her neck.

Name: Flare
Species: Monferno
Looks: A typical Monferno, doesn't wear much else.

Also! This is kind of for anyone to use. I made these things called "Hives". They are a criminal base/town where fugitives and such take refuge for a bit. they have all kinds of activities and a leader of sorts. In one particular Hive I made, there's this battle arena and pokemon fight to the death. the leader there is an Infernape, with a Mightyena in second command. If you like the idea you can go ahead and use it.
I like how you show the movement in the last panel. It's really cool.
Oooh boy
That splash is very good. Also, I'm wondering if Hypno id being a jerk, or testing Milo. Or maybe he has thing against Milo for whatever reason.
why didn't i look at this comic before. IT'S SO CUTE!!!
Accepting Cameos!
Pretty much everything is covered on this. I will accept Cameos, an image link would be nice, or a very good description. Otherwise, I will start accepting today!
I can't wait to see the submissions!
Sandslash might be sore.
Sandslash has been in that position for who knows how long, they've got to be somewhat sore. but the gem was holding them in that position... But they might have some muscle weakness, for sure.
they're screwed
All shadow Pokemon are going to die. SEE YA!