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I'm so excited to see where this story goes! It's become one of my favourites so soon! Love the realism aspect of it and the unique prehistoric setting :3
Land of the mysterious... Tbh everything on Gloomverse is pretty mysterious. Can't wait till we explore more of the world lore and stuff!
karvea is really pretty ^^
what's going on??
@Kuuda: Oh now it works! Thank you :)
@Kuuda: That's weird. For me, it says the page doesn't exist
@Kuuda: You should also upload this comic to Deviantart ^^
@THAT guy: Gloomverse and Ecoverse are not races. They are nations/verses
@owo: Probably not. They don't have the butt chin xD
@Miaou: That meeting of the world leaders was already over. Sort of.
LMAO Is this seaweed pulling a prank or what
wow ok we got a new character woot
It's Virga skillfully awaiting underwater for her "target" what else ;)
Yeah Rylie just wants more info outta Cirrus n Nim ;3
AWWWW I wanted to know more abt Amaryllis >:T
Ah well enough lore for now
@Nua: btw I just looked up the Gloomverse map up and close and there's literally a whole isle named Amaryllis with an Amaryllis "holy land" by Ecoverse :0
Wonder what that's all about... but no doubt named after the so called goddess Amaryllis I assume, just like how Gloomverse and Amadeus mountains are likely named after Amadeus Gloom
@Nua: So you think Yellow is goddess Amaryllis? Cause I do too, but I think it's possible that it could be one of the other mancers instead
@Guest: Yeah definitely. Maybe goddess amaryllis is yellow herself or one of the other mancers. It'd be appropriate why they'd see them as gods or god-like considering they are extremely powerful mages that don't need a hat nor wand
@Guest: yeah they did. But she denied it
@Nua: ok I thought cq mentioned somewhere that she actually have sunflower petals for hair or smthin nvm lmao