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Somos un grupo de chicas locas, con historias loquísimas qué contar.

We are a group of crazy girls, with some crazy stories to tell
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    Bizarre Moon Studio
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@dracone: Sorry for the late reply!!
No, there is not exactly a missing page, the problem here was that I was about to upload a wrong page (I was about to upload the same page in spanish), and I realized when it was uploaded so I deleted or cancelled, but if you go next, you will see the page that should be here
De nuevo me retrasé unas cuantas semanas, y es que entre las enfermedades, y el poco tiempo, no es fácil, pero intento con todas mis fuerzas mantenerme constante.
Y es que las fiestas decembrinas y el Guadalupe-Reyes, están a la vuelta de la esquina, eso significa toda esa lata de poner decoraciones y toda esa parafernalia.
Bien, la cosa empieza a ponerse buena... ¿Será que se encontrará Link al nene de cabello blanco?
This is a very busy season (you know, holidays are very close), and I have so little time to draw, but I try my best to be as constant as I can! (sadly, I dont get paid for making this comic... at least not yet)
well, enjoy the new page!!
Chapter 2 is here!!
What is going to happen?
Y estamos con el segundo capítulo...
Lamento la tardanza, tuve problemas con el internet y no logré subir a tiempo la página, haré lo posible para actualizar éste domingo.
Acá está la siguiente página
Capítulo 2
Próximamente viene el capítulo 2!!
Chapter 2 coming soon
Chapter 2 is coming soon... the mysterious kid
Sorry por el retraso!! quise subirlo desde ayer, pero tuve problemas... espero no les moleste y sigan leyendo!!
I'm Back!!
Here it is, after one week and a day of delay. (I wanted to upload yesterday, but I had problems with the connection)
Sorry I uploaded this late!!
@Guest: Ya lo verás!! jejejeje
An apologize...
I was without Internet last week, so I couldn't upload this page at the time, but here it is... I hope you like it!
I'm so in love with the shading effect I used here...
And Avril looks so beautiful!! <3

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Una disculpa!!!
La semana pasada me quedé sin internet, así que no había podido subir la página 23, pero aquí la tienen...
me gustó mucho cómo salió ésta página, especialmente los efectos de sombra n_n
¡Espero la disfruten y no olviden dejar comentario!

Yeah, he is that Link...
Another place...
It seems like we skip to another scene in a different place...
How will this relate to our story?
Y mientras tanto...
Parece ser que pasamos a otra escena en un lugar diferente ¿Cómo se irá a relacionar ésto con nuestra historia?
Who can be?
Who is that mysterious little boy in the distance?
Please leave comments below
Don't forget leaving a comment!!
I'm Back again!!
I've been so busy drawing and coloring, and since this comic is originally published in spanish, I' hadn't translated the pages.
But since english version have more followers than spanish one, I'll be publishing weekly one page as intended. (Doing the english texts the very same time I did the spanish ones) but before starting doing it weekly, I think I'm going to publish the pages that I already published in spanish right away, to compensate that I left behind the english edition.
Cheers and thanks for following!

PS. Please leave a comment.
PS 2. If you like this story, promote it with all of your friends. If you don't, promote it to all of your enemies, so we can both win!