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Please don't judge my art in comments.
@Nekomata-chan: Ono his manners!
I see that eevee cloud
January 7th, 2018
@Venusian: Ying Yang is actually two eevees with the same heart that fuse together if they touch eachother, so the two eevees have comepletely different personalities. One gets overly angry at small accidents and will probably scream at you if you look at her, and the other will cry forever if someone gets mad at her XD
January 6th, 2018
That sounds a lot like my eevee character... Who has black neck fur and a black tail tip, and is white everywhere else... And can become two eevees...
Yay, I guessed right!
@Egg67: Thanks!
That jet black thing is a giant venom drop made of a bunch of other venom drops.
Oh, your manners are right over there. *Points to manners*
December 27th, 2017
@Nekomata-chan: I do too, but you draw so much better than me
Oh wow, suddenly there is nomming
The mew stole Naya's necklace!
All I can see is Naya
I feel like that last sentence is trying to make me die of laughter.
I figured out that if I use vector art, turn it into bitmap, save it into a file, then import it into Paint I can have good art while having a good sized page.
I died on the "Say Apple" one
The person showing is not the one laughing in the 5th panel. Also, if your wondering where the creature thing, it entered her eye somehow
In the last panel, the spoink kind of looks like it has glasses XD
Well that went from OH GOD HELP ME to Oh come on, we'll be fine real quickly.
November 15th, 2017
@Guest: I did .png, and it was below the max.