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Back to Mars again already?
No, that is Australia. Similar environments, only with gigantic rodents instead of gigantic lizards roaming it, apparently.
Of course you did Lara...
No wonder it didn't work then.
Can now has meat to the potatoes.

Whomever wins I mean.
In the end Gandalf's gamble did not exactly play out as intended. Or did it..?
January 22nd, 2018
Lost for more words. For now.. ;)
January 15th, 2018
Red sun visitors. Better get some kryptonite cultured antibiotics ready, so it at least only works as badly as any ordinary old variety soon will.
@Catzk3: If it's the titular main one, it should be much more obvious if having binge watched the entire series.

I guess that would be doable during a fortnight. ;)
Just recently informed that Game of Thrones resumes sometimes in 2019.

So, that be like at least 24 fortnights away!
Trippy new year!
The Grinch coming around to take their toys away will surely push them over the dark edge.
December 17th, 2017
Apparently there is going to be a "not a remake" of The Matrix. Now doesn't that sounds like a positive negative?
December 10th, 2017
Generic horse face rom com man and will soon join yoga cult rom com woman has a misunderstanding.

Had they only watched a single rom com they could have steered well clear of this future disappointment appointment.

I am not exactly clear on why she hands that note over like a japanese businessman trying to impress with the mostest courtesy.

Lets just say she is a japanese businessman. I really don't want to redo that whole thing..
So incidentally this thing turned out being a bit about how Clarks alter ego often sort of being a big D, even when helping out. Just have to show off by twisting a lamp post around some shoplifter and such, quite an expensive arrest by guesstimation. Maybe it also explains why Bruce had such issues with the kryptonian recently, because that was one thing that wasn't over explained at all. Speaking of.

The original intent though was simply this; If you do a chaotic action sequence, intersplicing it with reaction shots and overtly clear exposition of the (usually) very obvious danger at foot may not do the action itself any favours. (Guess that's like a variation of "Jump Scar". Repetitions of ideas already.. This comic is doomed. Doomed!) Or maybe it does. I just draw comics so what do I know. Since comics fortunately can have reaction shots in action shots, you just have to read faster or ignore them. ;)

Making another one of them next Monday. So till then perhaps.
Hidden meanings, there be so much room for misunderstandings and memes speaking coda.

No this is not a fat joke about Brando.

I don't do those.

About Brando..

Seriously though, there will be no fat jokes.

It's-a more about-a the pan-a cott-a sound-a kind-a fun.

Will work on not doing stereotype jokes either.
November 15th, 2017
Alternought universes.
Obviously the multiverse is not the leading theory in this universe, because then that would not be a problem I guess. Don't forget to roll up paper to demonstrate how space folding happens. Also, wipe all the things of a desk to externalise that strong feels happens inside, or because of no coffee. :o
November 12th, 2017
Alt Angle
From the set of that cancelled would be masterpiece "Karate Vikings VS Kung Fu Zombies" film I guess. :p

Comment on how jump cuts (not so) gradually sort of replaced both the chore-ography and mise-en-scène. No need for a setting or even locale either, just cut from one close up shot to the next. ;)
November 6th, 2017
Inspired by "The Seventh Seal" of course. A real remake would probably be quite a bit lengthier than the original, and have more explosions.

The starting subjects here is meant to also illustrate that games too may be treated.

Well, that's it for now. See you next Monday maybe!