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March 24th, 2019
Alita Battle Angel Trailer
There is also a "video" related to this comic strip. Watch it on:
June 29th, 2018
@wergler99: Not going anywhere now!

Pretty sure that pigeon ROV, which I'm also now sure being what it is, is doing sabotage by covering the entire thing in reflective white.
Recycle sure took on a dual meaning here.. :p
No, signing up on Patreon will not make the censorfish go away, sorry.

Enlisting would help with the cause and other things though, like bringing us closer to that ever distant Wacom tablet, so it would still be much appreciated of course.

Just not enough for full sell-out mode, just yet. ;)

End of subversive sell-out message.
June 3rd, 2018
Movie logic. I guess sometimes the perfectly reasonable explanation to weird plot devices was simply cut out for the sake of pacing. But this was probably it.

#Geostorm #CinemaSciense
Since Dark Souls Remastered was released (officially anyway) yesterday this happened.

This is obviously that much rumoured secret happy ending at the undead beach that has not been discovered yet.

Yes, it's another one of those "what really would happen if beings from space got here" strips.

Why is that obvious "Dumbledorf" character blue here? . . . For technical reasons.

Next week week for something completely different. Probably.
May 17th, 2018
Well, since manatees were once believed to be mermaids then.. :)

Bit harder to understand if siren song then would originate from seals.

I'm sure this Siren has a lovely voice though.
A bit of explanation is probably in order for once.

The term "to cheese" something in a game means to beat the it in a non-intended way, usually by means of a glitch or some other oversight in programming. HAL takes the cheese strategies to the next level here.

So I guess this strip is also sort of game related.
@JelliFizziez: Was thinking more like pumpkin or asparagus, to keep the beard in one piece better.

Some spaghetti may do wonders for that jellyfish look though. ;)

Wouldn't worry about vomit smell either way, most boozers seem to get over it, and many others.
Perfect hairdo for not accidentally breaking the fourth wall though. ;)
Eat much stringy foods, drink heavy, have vomit beard!
My theory is that as one gets older time passes (relatively speaking faster) and so it simply no longer keep up with the adjustments as well.
It would probably not be any more confusing if these creatures did things backwards.
Day late and still late that day. My plans and projects conspired against me!

Other things causing this might turn out something pretty neat though. Will post about it here, if it ever gets finished. :p
April 23rd, 2018
What's this, videogame things again???

Well, since the latest "God of War" was released recently, it was well timed to do something a bit up to date. For once.. :p

And of course there was already wild speculations about where Kratos should or could clean up next, even years before the two other game in this obvious trilogy that just got started.

This here setting would probably be a very short game.

But you never know with vidogame-time-sink-fillers, could be things like an epic fight with Noah in a whale for some reason.

(Noah ended up in the whale when the animals on the ark mutinied and made him walk the plank..)

Feel free to post your most likely more sensical wishes or ideas for the next instalment, be it next game or next trilogy. :)
It is an alternate universe, even behind the scenes remember. This guy is really quite chill in the ordinary one. Simply follows the Coen comedy reciscript here probably.
April 9th, 2018
The best of both words!
The getting shot part appears to be very inclusive then at least.
April 9th, 2018
Had some technical challenges too. Monday still far from over though. But those who like to be notified on the dot a new strip is up could add on the Twittering thing. (link top right corner) It is specific for this comic so there will not be spam about anything else. Not even cats!