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I love getting amazed by the art and stories that others can create and support them as i can
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"Late", 9:30. Yass new ship
OMG the pictures X'D im crying, i just wish i could read the half hidden ones
April 17th, 2018
When its so hot that the clothes evaporates
Yay! Updates!
Oh no fin whats wrong sweetie??
Why what tom is saying reminds me of starbomb-glass joe??
Just one time im already mentally prepared for april fools (you always tricks me) and i've been fooled, again, by a not april fools update T.T
I so sad... i really liked it. But dont worry, do as you feel, ill be waiting
Yay!! Its back! I missed it so much!
March 10th, 2018
Bad time to not have twitter or tumblr
Tell me this is a early april fools joke :( his poor heart
January 21st, 2018
Its very understandable, but thanks for the translation. The hardest to read for me is when he says "ah" as "I", the rest is easy. Good job
Yes! Keep doing things like that, i love it, its so funny
woah thats some long holidays
we are two now. i also hate the beach, nobody undertsand us :(
looks good!
aawww its so beatiful! its so sad its over
@Rei_: and i love this conversation
Yes! I love this Herz hair way more!
@Travelingpooch: and i love yours
I love the fox