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Glareon named Heather (mix of a flareon and a glaceon)
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:O box 5 has ten readers! i know its not ten fans but 10 readers is good too
@Luna_the_absol:3: NO he will not take meh orange juice >:<
@Luna_the_absol:3: i use devient art and then occasionally i use Sai paint
@Luna_the_absol:3: its a school day for me too but i almost always stay up late secretly >:>
Well i guess no one is on night my fellow pokemon
hello? anyone here
Wow this is amazing!
@Luna_the_absol:3: oo ok im still happy that you posted that picture on their for me me and meh child are still happy
these are all really good!
@Luna_the_absol:3: those are cool!
@Luna_the_absol:3: *finishes the taco and the nachos* mm that was really good
@Luna_the_absol:3: *eats the taco* nom nom mmm this is good
@Luna_the_absol:3: well it doesn't look like Silver is going to be back for awhile so it looks like he doesnt get to eat tocas
@Luna_the_absol:3: ok *sits in a chair*
@Luna_the_absol:3: Luna are you still here?
@Luna_the_absol:3: *runs back to the house* yay someone is here