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Imma flareon an extra floofy flareon and yall can call me Rose
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    (diswhatyallcallmeonheredisaintmehrealnamehahahahaaa) Bonita
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@TAAAAACCCCCCOOOOOOOSSSSS!!!!: don't you dare else
omg i love that song <3 and feel better soon
your hand is absolutely amazing *clapping* wonderful hand it is wonderful
@ShadowStalker1128: oh qwq well den live for your online friends and online people that care about chu cause dey will be there for you :3
that's cool X3 and maaaaaaybe you can live for your friends and the people that care about chu?....XD seriously you should -_-
@Sky207: ya me stupid XD
wonderful coot lil beaaaaanssssssss X3
@Sky207: its ok i barely get on discord too XD but seriously tis ok Sky
:O SHE IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL (gosh i need to stop yelling XD)
ooooo that's very good! i also love the cover its cute but that is a good story for a beginner KEEP UP DA GOOD WORK XD cause i will be waiting to read more to see what happensssss -_-
Mid its ok. we are all here for you. And dont worry we all go through tough times. Youll get through this just keep your head up and try to be positive. We all love you Mid <3
omg Panik's face in the third panel XD
awww that picture is adorable and yesh we all love you Mid <3 (we all love you too Sky <3)