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Imma flareon an extra floofy flareon and yall can call me Roxie. My birth is June 29
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@Flareon1225: It's all good, we all learn something new everyday uwu.
@Flareon1225: Pretty much. Some of them represent the gender they clarify as
Made my fursona a reference sheet. Looks like crap
Oh no no it's absolutely fine I actually enjoy it when people joke around with me.
Oh lol I wasn't sure if you were or not so I just decided to not make matters worse just incase you weren't joking
mR. sTaRk I dOnT fEeL sO gOoD
Well gosh diddly darn it
Welp when life gives you lemons
Its slightly boring now but idk havent been on in a while
Thanks uwu
Idk honestly lol
I will thanks for the idea uwu it might be a few days though
Aww thats a cute name sure uwu
John Laurens (musical appearance not historical) and a turtle plush lol
Noice lol