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@Pinkeevee222: thanks for the lore dump i love these!
i played the games so i know whats going to happen but you get no spoilers
(to what she said in the comic)
thank you!
@comercole: or he's seeing ghosts
dammit not again
also me:
This is going to end badly
noooo why dioxis?!
naya:why haven't you told the others about your reflection?
*cracks knuckles*so, if if alola is under water about...lets say 2000 years then if the games are relevant in this comic this puts the explorer games at least well after sun/moon and give us insight in why humans are so rare in the explorer games global warming and climate change wiped out humanity by decreasing the territories and forcing the pokemon to compete for space making the humans probably try to *cough cough* "lessen" the amount of pokemon leading to the legendaries almost wiping out humanity which is why there are so few humans.

but that's just my theory

edit: this also means that humans moved some of the alolan pokemon and others to the other regions like with how chatot says that the alolan vulpix is no longer called the "alolan vulpix" but is now called the "keokeo vulpix"
@pixlyJolt: your on a what?
@Edoz_M: yea it dos-what the hell is your icon?!?!?!
@Nekomata-chan: darkrai is my type of guy
@ShadowFang: wait what movie?!
if it has cannon lore on ssec where is it and where can i watch it?!
@SlyTheSylveon: new theory involving the lab & the lore of ssec!!!

pepper was one of the eevees that died in the lab and is the only remnant of the lab that bliz remembers!