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I'll go down with this ship, IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!!!
To VexxBlack: where have you gone? it's been over 2 years and we've heard nothing, are you ok?
@Liokora: why not open/make a patreon?
ah ha!!! no one expects the spanish inquisition!
this page is choreographed really well
old meme
ah yes, enslaved stranger danger
keep it up!
your comic is amazing and i can't wait to see what else you make and where your story goes from here!
@Blaze01: no i think that it corrupts pokemon
ah yes silver soul my first pokemon game
@comercole: i think ash's cap is black at the back
@Blaze01: or a master ball blueprint
@comercole: i think that cap is coloured to look like reds.
a yes enslaved nightmares
(i was a cyndaquil on my first playthrough with a riolu partner)
is that the pokecenter from when ash got his charmander? it looks familiar.
@UnknownStardust: soooo your not sure?
@lazesummerstone: wait all dlc or just the year one ones?
i'm so sad i can't play the game i don't have the money for any of the dlc past the mars one and i got that on release ... well have fun for me
ok wow i didn't expect that
@Briarlight's Wish: oh ho than come as close as you like!

(i'm glad im not the only one to catch that reference)
YES go get some therapy it'll help
um can't he fix that?