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time for me to translate everything in this comic that i can
could of put it in unknown so we could read it at least
November 21st, 2018
@weirdcartoonist: why did i never read this comic before now!!!
@PJSam: yep i agree with you there
sometimes the truth hurts
that does make sense
yea same
@angryskitty: damit i cat find the add to favorites button
dammit it's already dead!!!
@pfenix: i cant wait to read this it look great just from the cover!
and i'm ignoring the rule of "don't judge a book by its cover" but in this case its a comic.
should i read the comic before this one?
or is it ok?
@StarlightNexus-Chan: The five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of accepting loss but i think that she is in anger/depression and just skipping bargaining
@EeveeEon: rip your hand
it looks really good worth the wait
i would probably just chip away the crystals until it's down to his skin then stop