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@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: or when your taking a exsam
@Arcstrider Exo: might be a entirely new subclass
(in a ecoing voice)
I HAVE THE-POWER!!!!!!!!!!
@LightEclipse: that aint no pokemon i've ever seen!unless its a deformed shinx
@Koren: unless she can see him in her reflection naturaly
@lazesummerstone: it's like the *GREAT COLLAPSE* but for the fallen and the traveler got pretty much no gardiens
@Arcstrider Exo: potential loophole!!!!
@lazesummerstone: awesome!!!the shank idea is good...but summoning a...i forgot what the fallen tanks are called but if it was one of those that he summoned he would be op as heck and awesome as hell!!!!!!
@HomieOwl: just watch sailormoon
@lazesummerstone: i wonder how the ghost would look?(it would be heavenly fallen themed but amazing!!!)
@Arcstrider Exo: nope! haha! i got your hopes up ha ha ha!
@lazesummerstone: it going to get updated to day!
@Noku: its called the golden gun
@Frost The Wolf: it was at this moment the caball knew....they fucked up
@lazesummerstone: don't be sorry thi pun demigod will forgive you and encourages more puns!!!
do you remember the telesto from destiny one that was the best and my favorite weapon especially because it was made in the reaf and finally because one of its skins is glowing blue
starwars reference
do it
@XenoSynthetic: remember that this is probably quite a few days after the city is attacked at this point your guardian is just finding out zavala is alive so he is probably being taken to the traveler
may greg rest in peace *funeral music starts to play* he will be missed