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@CAMMAX008: and in more ways than one!
@SyskyLycanwolf: dang it, i like to translate stuff : (
@AndreTheLugia: ah how wise of the wise one
(pun intended)
you can take a hiatus if you need to, you realise that right? i mean all this wonderful work must take a lot of time and effort.
and here we see an example of ''the boy who cried sheep''
take your time just don't die on us *nervous laughing as thoughts of interstellar absolution come forth
@lazesummerstone: you mean a kijat right?
hahahaha that caught me off guard that's hilarious hahaha!
god damn those eyes are great!
@Woo: well...that intensified that really got outta hand fast.
@VelvetRainbow: ho cool i thought they used unown as writing but at least i can translate it now.
is it bad im so use to unown that i can read it?
@arnisd: hu that's also my name what a coincidence and their actions line up with what ied do in their situation welp.... wow
and there he is in all his DRENCHED glory
@StarlightNexus-Chan: i don't know why but i think that the leafeon (i don't remember their name) should have a russian voice.
@Pinkeevee222: ok wow...she is a total b!tkh
if that's unknown its 1)hard to read and 2)some of the letters are not unknown
so i can't read it sadly and i can read it because comic writers LOVE to use the stuff
@orgostevani: i would...but i have no allowance and im 14
like a bat outta hell run!
run like hell!!!