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@Qlock: this comic is great so far i love wat your doing keep it up!
@Qlock: this comic went from oh ok sow wat is this comic about to holy sh!t this is intence and i didn't expect that
omfg the butlers just leaping ahahahahahah that's hilarious
@mapsal313: and he had the same talent when he was a bellsprout
@Qlock: please tell me garry dies in the next page
damit filler
how long was that it felt like months oh wait it was for us, at least probably like 10 minutes to them
@Guest: you didn't read the excessive rant but sadly i cant find it to copy and paste but it was incredibly brutal i think it mention ripping him limb from limb and setting him on fire then sending his ashes into the sun or something like that
and now i wait after bingeing this
@Stormfalcon2018: remember the ulderon getting thrown into the sun rant?that was fun
ironic i left a comment saying that a few pages ago
pokemon is both plural and not plural it dosent need a s at the end
@Blue Tomoshibi: well i guess it killed ya i mean 7 years?! thats half my life! jesus christ that's a long time to be "on hiatus"
hi i just saw your comic and it's amazing please don't let it die keep it up!
1 year
welp it's officially dead!t
@Guest: i think it's inspired by the ssce art style and it was probably themed by it