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:D Always glad to see another page up!! Raphael has amazing timing
Woah :0
I think this page is pretty close to perfect! Beautiful and deeply unsettling
pfffft Raph's face xD

Also the sunlight dappling here is super pretty! o.o
*dramatic echoing of the word "friend" across the entire field*

Dang Atty... you kinda have changed. And it's almost sorta for the better!
@PJSam: I'd guess that they get a lot of kids who don't understand that they can die horribly on the job and just think it's cool and hypno is tired of them. And our bois did kinda present themselves *just a bit* poorly, lending to that idea of them being just more kids wasting her time.

Can't wait for the moment she realizes they actually went though, I wonder how that'll go
Whooo! :D I'm so glad to be seeing this again! And double updates yeeboi, don't stress yourself out though I'm just glad to see you back :D
... oh god I hope this isn't actually an april fools joke D:
Good, these poor kids deserve a break <3
Andrea's probably not well enough to handle sprouting wings and flying around but gosh I still want to see it. I also want to see Sandalphon giving her a wing hug though. Or just more of those wings at all. They're so pretty~
"Ah he can't get in too much trouble"
That's where you're wrong, boyo
Honestly I don't think it looks weird, you're still on point as ever! :D It really made my day to see this update, can't wait for future pages!

Francis is awesome as always, and giving pretty alright advice. Maybe Avis'll start talking more deeply to a certain blue nerd we all love :V
Yep he's doing the take all the pokemon thing. D: George is gonna be pissed...
@Evilbob_dA: I didn't forget about Dragonthing at all. There's more than one way to pay a ransom, and this one doesn't involve disappointing good and powerful people who want to give him another chance. He can actually get money in a way that encourages better paths! ...Which is probably why that's not going to happen and Atty is gonna end up unfortunate and distrusted. Yaaaaaay
Everybody talking about him stealing all their pokemon but honestly I think Atty isn't going to. I think he was, but now I think he's honestly just gonna sell art. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with this because poor guy really needs an outlet and possibly some event to open up better paths for him.
Hypno's got a scar on her nose that I just now noticed... She's not being a dick, she's giving some tough love so that kids who aren't prepared don't find themselves stuck in a job she knows first-hand the dangers of.
@arswiss: Well, if they're on a direct flight from the east coast of America, the flight is between 16-18 hours 0.o That's about as long as it takes me to fly to see my parents in Australia every summer, and I can attest, it is just painful .-.
Happy Page 500! :D
Also, 4 hours, alt text? I bet Simon's gonna wish the flight to Kenya was only 4ish hours if he doesn't already xD
Milo boutta smack someone
Also that's a really good splash, wouldnt've guessed you'd never drawn one before :o
I'm filing "origin of chainsaws" under things I never needed to know .-.

Also insert Palpatine "let the hate flow through you" meme