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I like to read a wide variety of comics. I also get very attached to some characters and get a frying pan. cuz got to have one of these. Like references to Disney and I like too sing out loud when I am alone. I giggle snort sometimes when I am reading. It would be really cool to colab with some one on a comic. Can color, trace, help with the story line. I am not confadent in my drawing skills. I believe my profile pic is a character from Tokyo Ghoul and I am not the owner of it but I couldn't find out who the owner was because many people have used or posted it but the credit.goes to the creator. I don't like using pictures that aren't mine without at least giving cred to the creator. BTW it was the donut that caught my eye.... Sorry for long bio, not that any one reads it. Also fun fact I am a blabber mouth, surprise surprise?
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Will you tell us why Ryo is asking for yuuto to relase him in the next chapter? Gender Bend? Fave season(s) author/characters? Favorite show or show types?(or movie(s))
Uh ooh
@Scorpio730: I think he is just looking inside it. Cuz this bitch empty. YEET
@WingFreak: is he really oblivious tho
@Mccull61: Aaahh! Thank you for answering my question! *hugs*
Comandad is such a Papa Bear btw, but its not like you didn't know that already
@Travelingpooch: your pic always seems to go with the chapter and your comment. Lol.
These are spoiler questions but... I gotta ask
My question is: If Commanddad wants to go home, how will he be able to do it? Previously it was said that he shouldnt 'jump and or fly' to earth because his body can't handle it. So how does he get home?
July 12th, 2018
Welcome back! Hope moving is going okay amd nothing broke!
Much man titties
The sister rage has been Unleashed
I feel like this is my mood when ever I leave my story note book any where. This is completely irrelivent to the story.
From both perspectives
I cant stop laughing, as soon as I got to the seventh panel the song changed on my phone to ' That's Amore'😂😂😂😂😂 dear god I'm dying of squeaky laughter.😂😂😘
Omg turtleing is contagious
Ahhhh! The cuties are back!!