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I like to read a wide variety of comics. I also get very attached to some characters and get a frying pan. cuz got to have one of these. Like references to Disney and I like too sing out loud when I am alone. I giggle snort sometimes when I am reading. It would be really cool to colab with some one on a comic. Can color, trace, help with the story line. I am not confadent in my drawing skills. I believe my profile pic is a character from Tokyo Ghoul and I am not the owner of it but I couldn't find out who the owner was because many people have used or posted it but the credit.goes to the creator. I don't like using pictures that aren't mine without at least giving cred to the creator. BTW it was the donut that caught my eye.... Sorry for long bio, not that any one reads it. Also fun fact I am a blabber mouth, surprise surprise?
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March 13th, 2018
If it's a problem call I've had one to many already bra..... Just let them smooch 💋
And a bad way I guess but instead of people trying to use me for my looks or something they treat me like a joke. Like I'm easy but discardable. I haven't found someone like buck for me. And this is where I relate to Buck a bit, kinda jaded and untusting of people who dont really know me, expesally of people who claim romantic interest. (I mean how buck was to Charlie in the beginning)
@AphroditeB%W yeah in a good way
Well shit. PTSD strikes hard
LEEEEEXXXX GIVE NAITE BIG BIG HUUUIUGE HUGS FOR ME! Also yes street fighting and ballet go together
Huuuummm I relate to Charlie a bit more than Buck
He was not amused
March 4th, 2018
What the fudge?
I have lot of expiriance of having to put a lid on it
@Seve I am grabbing my little sister so I can make successful cookies and creating things out of paper and yarn. Curently makeing a blanket and an art book. Don't worry I know how to change my anger in to something productive. Also looking into roller derby
@Akki-Chan: yeah more like sabotage aunty
Or upset might be a better thing to say
Atty has been broken
March 1st, 2018
Caaaan you feeel the gaaaay tonoiigghht
Those eyes say 'I WILL NOT LASAGNE MY SON!!'
And I won't forget to give Natie hugs and foodz
I'm like a purple She-Hulk when I am pissed and l have been told I am terrifying when I actually get angry
Lex loan me Alfred I go and beat this bitch's ass and bring him back with Mama. I'll go ape-shit purple face-scary-bitch on this jackass
February 28th, 2018
Proud of you boo