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Love :3
I really love, how your manga is progressing. I love the expression on Liam's face, but I'm really worried about you. You haven't updated in months. Are you okay? :(
Interesting :3
I just wanted to tell you, that I really love this story. Although I wish, that another kiss between AK and Bo, wasn't interrupted. I think you draw very well and this page looks great. I don't know if it helps but you definitely draw better than I do.
I love the so sweet moment between Bo and AK in the last panel.
It makes me think
I really love the facial expressions here. However, I can't help but worry about Liam. Realistically, when something makes you sad, you can only avoid the issue for so long before it hunts you more.
Poor Liam
Liam looks so sad, I guess it really makes you feel grateful for things, you have. I never had a servant and I don't think I would ever have one because I feel that is is wrong and uncomfortable, having someone to do things for me when I could do them myself. I don't know, its a sensitive topic because I feel that servitude is so degrading and can be so cruel and unfair for others that it should be banned from every country. Isn't servitude another form of slavery?
I love the last panel. Edward looks cute in the last panel, you can tell that he really cares about Liam.
Its a strange comment but sadly people think that. I think that's where the terms haves and haves not came from.
I think AK should feel lucky that Bo still wants to kiss him. Kissing can lead to other things. I really luv this comic, can't wait for more.
Poor Liam
Why is she so strict? Liam is a good person but I prefer Liam to marry Edward, however in this time, I don't think there was gay marriage. Even nowadays, gay marriage is debated.
Liam looks really different, if its even possible, he looks even more cute and beautiful. He sort of wearing the Little Mermaid Prince's hair style and it works for him.
Cute, I wanted the kiss to last longer but its realistic, it really isn't the best place to share a kiss.
Your art is beautiful
I will support you, throughout your hiatus. Your art is amazing and beautifully drawn. I love the way, you make characters and you have often inspired me with your amazing art and attention to detail. I love your toning and I honestly think the style you developed for your manga, is amazing. Someone once told me, the art doesn't really matter in manga story but how the story is told and your art compliments your story and amazing style you developed for yourself, still takes my breath away. I can't wait to see more.
Sadly, even when Liam is angry, he looks cute so its hard to take him seriously.
Definitely Related
You can definitely can tell, thy use the cute look a lot and the mothers completely fell for it. I wish, that it still worked for me.
Its so cute
Its adorable and I love the kiss, but I wonder if this is a step forward for them or a step back. Bo still seems so innocent, hopefully AK will take advantage of the situation. *blush* A yaoi-girl can dream.
Didn't Melody sort of cheat, when she pulled Edward down? I'm I interpreting it wrong? Technically when Melody leaves, won't Liam belong to Ed anyway?
I just like to say, its interesting to note that Ed looks like he's putting more effort than Melody, yet she won, I guess it easier for someone that likes climbing trees. Its probably new to Ed.
Liam as a prize :3
Now, if there was a real Liam contest, I would try to win, just to get my hands on Liam. *huggles Liam*
I never even thought of that, Link does have all the characteristics of a Robin Hood, doesn't he, except he doesn't steal from the rich and give to the poor but he seems to always save a princess.
Part Two
Part Two is going to be filled with more interesting adventures. I hope everyone likes the cover pages. I drawn about two pages of part two and will post them up soon. Stay tuned for more boy's love goodness.