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Boastfully insane
Meh. I sprite, and occaisonally draw, but when I tried hand drawn comics they weren't so popular, so I'll stick with sprites
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Don't get used to seeing this update
I'll be updating at the same pace as basically everyone else now, but in return the plot will go faster.
I was messing with the tools for that evolving effect, will probably come out different later
¬_¬ not in MY comic
It never really made sense to me some of the rules, so I edited it so electricity would ony not work if he was underground.
I a thouroughly dissapointed. I had planned to make a comeback with a new frame, but with the white backdrop and mathing white outline its looking pretty indecent over here at SJ.
what do ya'll think of the frame. go there for comparison with a different back drop but vote enough and I'll probably cpntinue the comic like this.
Also Gymleaders are uber in my comic, in case nobody has noticed
read any other issue, it has to do with pokemon.
I admit I don't like pokemon specifically over other games like halo or super smash bros, and I don't always make jokes ABOUT pokemon, but I do know too much about pokemon
His brain was fractured at birth? so weouldn't he be stupid? 176 is pretty high
who the hell says they aren't ALREADY awkward
I think the boob lights were a stupid easter egg added in by the creators with no real purpose. The spriter of zero must have thought it was awkward too!
What your seeing is filler
in the few days between now and my computer dying, I've been playing smash bros. And with its spontanious advertisement its given me inspiration to finish old halfbeaten games... even ones that weren't advertised. For example halo 3.
I beat Halo 3 first, and I started online play. And in one of my matches this happened to me. And the idea sprung.
I don't need many sprites, and it gives my a break from plot
and so every few days I'll give a topical comic.
And once I figure out a way to fix my script and sprite problem.
And once I fix that, I'll follow a formula.
X=Members asking for the filler to be an indipendant comic, and F=filler
If the formula is correct, it shall be an indipedant comic :D
no, only further proof that chihuaha's are stupid, and felines are in love with themselves much like a bullfrog.
no, I meant the text
but there will be an ending (ZOMG SPOILER)
But not for a while
also, most good comics don't have nearly as many fans as they have comics, take 2 evil scientists for example
I'm not defending the comic... I just like arguing
actually, if you do L targeting and press any direction in wind waker or twilight princess (or maybe something else) you can jump and slash, jump to the side, or backflip.
But I would have skipped out that detail too to get an awesome punchline like that.
yeah, but just imagine how awesome the flash will be
rip off of the mego from heroes inc
I wonder how many rips I could find if I really tried
you can find mine over at the original page
dear god, the talent
I want it to suck me in like a black hole, but it won't!
good, but not something to be proud of with only 2 poses
I think you should attempt to make the pixels on the bottom of the feet of each sprite at the same place every time, and then go a bit faster and maybe the animation could be a bit smoother
I don't think the drugs and sex references should always be there
although that shroom joke was quite cool