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I like to play videogames like RPGs such as Pokemon, FF, Tales of, etc. Also I write Fanfics! :D I like to draw but I kinda suck atm q.q
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Oh shit... oh fucking shit and yeah Tobias isnt wrong xD
I thinkg our little Gold deserves to win this uwu
Well that was fast o3o
Ok this is getting intense owo
About time... qwq
It breaks my heart watching how dissappointed she is q.q
Pls papa let tobi go q.q
Virgin Shield activated >:D
OMG I am glad he was finally able to push EdBUTT away for a little QwQ!!!!
EdBUTT you need to stop it D:<
the ships are going crazy D:
Time to ship it D:<
Both are Tobias?
I am more worried that he comes home drunk and Lucas finds out xDDD
September 20th, 2018
How to make the Girl you like your Girlfriend.

-Step 1: Beat the shit out of her bully!

-Step 2: There is no step 2...
September 15th, 2018
September 13th, 2018
I really like Emilio right now, he is really trying to complete the Task Tobias gave him and even if he doesn't use the best of words, he is trying to help. And Rudy doesn't like Emilio at all... omg I need to see what comes next.
September 12th, 2018
I really have a feeling that it is Luther xD