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i dont have a scanner, i wish i did.
cause iv got lots of ideas :[
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oh dear, you mean....pot drug?
and all those times i thought i was straight edge....
haha j/k
(i never thought i was straight edge ^^'...0.0....*wistles while you wallllllk awayyyy*
good job
sounds like your going through some tough times in your personal life, so good job with keeping to it.
August 10th, 2008
spirited away reference perhaps?
this is one of my favorite comics and it has to go sooooo slowwwwww!!! (by 1 i mean in the top 5, out of many many, by many i mean 30ish)
i bow down 2 u
i love this and alternate...why must you have a life???? whyyyy! =[
love yer work btw
hip hip her yay
gooooood grasshopper
this loox very funny! bvut you need to update, if your not updating b/c of few fans itz because.....well your not updating =P
but i love the plot so keep it going kay!?
muffin cookies
thx for updating btw
woophee doobple yeee!!!
yayyyyyyyyyy. donka donka donka, i love the common updates
ahhhahaha! go bailey go!
i love it. im gald that your *back* to updating =]
happy late valentines day
i luff where this is going ^^
keep up the work. i love your style btw =D
well first off, i fucking love you and ur style. and zombieToast? yezzzzzzz! rite on...person (dont ask, i was born like this...) i just get lazy and want to read the comics straight through. iv found many kewl and fun[ny] ppl on here, but i hate turning stuff into socializing for me cuz...i really dont know i can never shit up so clearlyt that was all rambling nonsence with insanly misspelled words such as clearly, with a t for no reason. but yar i luv all ur comics very fucking much, for the art style, comedy, and swearing!!!! im sorry but im getting very sick of the bl shojo manga ness, dont mind it, nothing against it, but i like options. and you are indeed myu favorite artisit on here, as well as writer. i think seeing you do a romance sotry would be extremlyyyyy entertaing (cuz it would be anything but romantic XD and id love it! XD)but i may be thinking of honey and clover...i think ur charecters, ur style, ur comics, maybe just u remind me of this one crazy charecter thatz a brilliant and hilariouse never hardworking dude from honey and clover. which is a very entertaing dramady....this coment makes me even with all the things i had plenty to say, but was too lazy to write anything
i have no doubt that you will have trouble reading this cuz i do things like type likte im oon a buknch off trugs of somtt in....and randomly start using abeviations for when my lazy ness (wtf why did i put a space in there???) and i never go back never edit, and never seem to shut up
OKI DOKI i love you
im odd, possibly cun-tay-jiss did i mention i cant spell?
my romance sence is tingling, i sence a love triangle!!! ^^
yay. I LOVE YOU!!!!