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For a demisexuel, it's very refreshing to see some good reprensation like you do in this story whit Nathan. So thanks a lot 😘 !
And it's good to see her keeping a open mind and trying to understand him, she's such a good person 😍.
Happy birthday !!!
It's alright sweetie, I'm just glad and so happy that you're back. I missed your storie 😍 !
@Guest : Ok that was so uncalled for...
Good stories and arts in general takes time and readers/fans know that.
Personnaly, I don't mind waiting, and I'm always excited and happy for the weekly uptade ;) !

I recommend that you and other readers that are impatients read what they explained in their Q&A last time, before saying things like that :). If after that you continue to complain, just leave buddy, and let us enjoy this beautiful comic ❤ !

Much love to @MuiTati and like @M-24 and @DevKat said, don't mind it :p !
It's a shame that you had so many comments like those... These people have to learn patience, respect and appreciation for all the good art/storie that autors choose to share whit us all.
Anyway, don't worry about this and take as much time as it is neaded 😉👍 !

Ps : love your storie by the way and happy holidays everyone 😘 !!
What the hell ?!?! Put him down right now ASSHOLES !!!
Yeah you're back !!
Shit, this is hot ...