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Spinarak the Fool
Hahaha! It is I! Dalek/Seth/Agumon! Creeping into this corner of the internet to spread my cringy evil ways! By the way...I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi and English is my second language, spanish being my first.
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    Seth but call me Dalek or Fool
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And that is how Kit and the Audino (forgot their name already-) discovered their mistake-
It's a metal bird of death!
Oops wrong place to make a reference-
@Dark/Light: ah sorry but I have no other suggestions
@Dark/Light: if on mobile turn of data saver
I don't know what to comment so I'll just post this message instead-
The Gengar wanted food, but instead got a shadow ball to the face
"I hate you!"

Is what I would say-
Remember: Don't rush studying for the exams, last minute studying will not really help

(Now if I would only follow my own advice...)
*Perverted GNK mode activated*
Is the Pikachu hiding behind the Braixen' s leg or...
(I'm bad remembering names)
The vulpix (Forgot their name) has been gone for an hour? Well then... I have a bad feeling-
I'm glad I found this comic here!

(Since my deviantart account is lost)
Hoverboots used snore!
Main character is unable to sort out their thoughts!