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Is zorri a ship thing or somethin
@WiispNightmare: that looks like Chara back there
@WiispNightmare: lol I am sticking with a scarf for now on
Wow that was something! The only ones I actually knew was the night daze and the night slash. I was confused on that one becomes I thought houndooms couldn't learn that. But I didn't know what to look up to know what Pokémon does, so just quit from there.
Why Bryan just why ruin ur childs life 20th dat
Wow a brick wall is so amazing!!! I mean look there's one brick-oh! and like ten more bricks!
My friend from school drew dis for me and it's so cool!
@WiispNightmare: lol that seems like something she would do
Lol that's some intense love!
It looks like if sans I'd back there
Why they hatin on a flareon
Hey what do u think id look like on the game?