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Bird's on a ship, Is like birds on a plane. I guess with imagination (and also this being YOUR story) anything can go.
Geez man! maybe he's just so experienced in Pokemon that, he would be 98.
Lol noice
Now I want to know the sky comic. COME ON PEOPLZ, WE NEED U TO LIKE THE COMIC!!!
September 11th, 2019
But isn't that part of his body
Lol baldness.
I got explorers of time and sky but I mostly played time and finished it. Except for where have to fight darkrai but cresselia keeps dying before I can reach him so when I do, i don't have anything to help. Also congrats!
Silvertheumbreon le poof: dawn is jealous of eevui until said otherwise.
Oh no, haven't u heard to not be up a 3am or bad "spooky" things happen
Senpai no like!!! Le gasp!
Me at 12:00 and is supposed to be asleep but cant.