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Oh shit HIDE!
*throws a Snickers at Kenneth* You're making him feel like shit about his shitty town. Calm your tits and eat a Snickers because you're not you when you're Hangry XD
I love how incredibly soft they are on this page. It's just melting my heart 😍
Harvey's inner thoughts: 'oh shit he complimented me. What do I do? He's just being nice so... Do I say thank you? No I should compliment him back it's only polite. Quick think of something to say back! Compliment his smile, no his hair, NO HIS ASS! "You smell nice" 'Hah. Nailed it' XD
That is meant as a haha comment btw ;)
He's totally an assassin. Or a spy. *gasp* Maffia!? Oh man so many options XD
March 16th, 2018
I'm suddenly getting Silent Hill crazy cult vibes
First off. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new cover. Secondly GO JOIN HIM IN THE SHOWER! *wiggles eyebrows* 😉👍
*gives you a cake* Yay 1 year anniversary! *throws confetti and glitter*
February 8th, 2018
@The Orange Cow: Oh my god I'm fucking crying 😂👌
February 8th, 2018
*snort* he's such a dork I love it
January 22nd, 2018
Oooo kinky 😘😂
January 22nd, 2018
PFFFFT ahahaha too late you got upstaged 😂
January 20th, 2018
They just keep getting more cute 💞
He's such a cinnamon roll. I love it
January 19th, 2018
Happy birthday! *throws glitter and confetti*
January 19th, 2018
Who'd you think you're kiddin'
He's the Earth and Heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden
Honey, we can see right through you
Boy, you can't conceal it
We know how you feel and
You swoon, you sigh,
Why deny it? Uh-oh
You keep on denying
Who you are and how you're feeling
Baby, were not buying
Hon, we saw you hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When you gonna own up
That you got, got, got it bad?
You're doin' flips, read our lips:
You're in love
Boy, don't be proud
It's ok you're in love!

*lyrics were slightly altered to fit the scene XD
@Giogio Georgette: I have a laughing (like sarcastically) emoji at the end of my message but I forgot they don't show up XD
Word of a Demon isn't exactly a sign of faith 😂
January 16th, 2018
Lol poor boy. He really needs to find another weapon before someone catches on and disarms him