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Hi, I'm a dork who wishes she can just draw all the time...
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Heey, I read this in DREAM Magazine! :D I thought I'd let you know that I adored this manga. The artwork's really nice, and the story is touching and fascinating. :) I won't be looking at glass bottles the same way again for a while, lol... And I agree with unknown, page 38 is so sweet. ;~;
@Stormrose: Looking at stock photos (like ones from always helps me a lot when it comes to drawing buildings... and anything else, really :D

@Sol: You meant Stormrose, right? :P

... Sol, I think you and I need a vacation from work or something...
LOL, the OTHER phone XD;;;; So that's the other word for it, now? Skittlez is too cute :D

Aw, I missed the numbers game. :( Happy belated 1st birthday, TG! *puts a party hat on my copy of the book*
@Nana: @_@;;; I'm no deity... just another weird artist who likes to look at pretty things like other people XD Thank you, though!

Yeah, Catz, I was working on pages 10 & 11 at the same time XD That's why they were released so close to each other.

Thanks everyone for the comments and faves!!
XD Thank you, Nyte! Unfortunately, life doesn't want me to do anything comic-related at the moment so an update might take up to another week ._.;; We're glad you took the time to read this and that you're enjoying it so far, though! :D
Thank you, Nana! :D
Thanks, Catz & Hiruda :D
Explanation Time
*crawls out from under rock* Eh heh... hi everyone, how have you all been? To all the new readers, thanks for joining us, and to those who've been waiting for new pages... I can't apologize enough AND thank you all enough for your patience. I know I said the hiatus would end when I'm done drawing all the pages for this chapter, but the truth is, they're not all done. Far from it, actually. *weak laugh* My schedule sucks...

Thank you Sol, for not killing me over it D:

Good news – I've become very comfortable with Manga Studio and updates should no longer be 4 months apart. And if they are... well, I have a serious problem. -_-;
Aw man, I read all that to catch up to a CLIFFHANGER?! DDD:

You've got an AMAZING comic going here... a perfect blend of elegance, cuteness and downright freakiness mixed with fantastic artwork & storytelling. The conclusion to The Witch's Scissors made me jump! :D
Thanks constant_boredom, nexin and Anti-End for the nice compliments ^^ Sol's got good stuff for this comic planned out... I just wish I can get my end of the work done faster ><
@ArisaKitsuna98: For this pic and the chapter cover I used Corel Painter X. For pages 1-5 I used Photoshop CS3. For page 6 and the rest I'm using Manga Studio EX 4.

Hope that answers your question :D
Ah, I know that feeling only too well D:

I wonder what they're going to do about Stephanie...
This is getting quite juicy. :D I'm interested to know what Chase's next move is going to be.

Also! Mad, MAD props to you for being able to keep up with the March Madness and still being able to produce nice-looking pages. If I participated, I think I'd be dead by now. Or have nothing but stick figure pages XD;
Glad you guys like it
*staring at center panel of Dragonthing flying towards the reader* O_O WOW

Sorry it took me so long to say this, but... this is the greatest Pokemon fan comic I've ever read! X'DDD
February 19th, 2010
I really appreciate the amount of work you put in your comic. Quality takes time, and it shows here. :) Don't overstress yourself, though ^^;

I also love pages where there's little or no text. Nothing's been said, but you can still sense Nikita's anxiety here.
:'D What a precious moment~ I don't think it's that surprising that it took Jacob a while to realize Kaylee hasn't changed. It's amazing how much a person can change over the course of even a few months, and if I were Jacob, I'd be a little skeptical about whether or not Kaylee's still the same after all those years, too. Hooray for everlasting friendships – BUT WILL THEIRS LAST? *dun dun duuunnn*

Can't wait to see what happens next. XD; Anywho, keep up the great work! The redrawn pages at the beginning look very nice, too!
Poseida was gorgeous before, but now she's absolutely STUNNING *___*