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yo!! my new account around here is "kulche." i'll keep my old comics up on this account (even if it's a little embarassing....... sob)
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I don't know what I'm suppose to title this.
Casey/Hiero is making me put this up because she knows that if she asks me to do something, I..... might. Yes! That's totally it!! jk

I keep doing this thing where I press UPLOAD COMIC!! before I actually choose the file derp derp
everyone be kind to thoreau <3
it's still thursday!! yeaahhhhhh. update schedules = hard
Sorry I didn't quite upload as much as I had wanted to, but there's still time.....!! Anyway, set return date! January, BE THERE.

Also you might(??) have noticed I've deleted all of the older pages, but I'm currently working on throwing them up on my website FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE ararara
I'm totally gonna have to get a new layout up!! Yay because this one is two years old!

(*hackcough* In the mean time I will actually be starting a new webcomic over here ->
It's boy's love though so if that isn't your thing I totes understand.)
i think i like the solid tones more, the comic tones are a little too overbearing to me.
yeah i dunno, moving on.

holy shit i draw everyone's hair so similarly, really need to color this.
i was orignally gonna color this but didn't find the time to! i probably will later.
guess who's finally getting a name soon(ish)?!
YES! hello everyone! i'm sorry for my ridiculously long absence, but i'm here to announce that "& you're not invited" is going to get a lil bit of a makeover and will be completely up and running again mid-december. look forward to it and please stick with me! i love you! you're all awesome!! AWESOME OKAY

i'm thinking of uploading some of the old/new concept art before than though, are you guys interested in seeing that at all?
i accidenly made him look like a muppet
; _; cammy shouldn't be that blue, a zillion apologies to casey, i will buy you ice cream for destroying your page with awful coloring....
i forgot what i was gonna say about this page. tah daaaaah!
a-all of your little boys are so cute '3'!!
i love their hair...
HAHAHA i want to hug lysenko kitty ; ;!!
sorry, i'll do comment responses next page! orz
hello! greetings from the world's slowest comic maker.
sorry i totally VOMITTED this page up but i really wanted to get square pegs rolling again. i'm not ready to give up!
a lot lot lot has happened since i last updated. (all mostly good things!) i hope you guys are doing good too!
also AAAAA tory's haircut in a few pages, hahaha.

i'm also working on some project with some friends
<img src=""&g t;
<img src=""&g t;
and maybe some resurrections of some old comics i used to do, whooo knows!
jpeg made this a little uglier.

duncan's so cute!
dis is my duncan, hope you like him.
idk what kinda comic this is.
duncan (left) and chamomile (right.)

mostly updating this so we have something here for now, some comics should go up in the next couple of days.

WOW this new sj uploading system is really.... strange.
I was more blaming it on my incompetence than you, actually.
comment responses
@whitexnoise - thank you very very very much. :/ i don't know though. i though she was pretty distinguished from monty and ed hahaha, her hair is a lot shorter than ed's and choppier, and also darker than ed's when i actually color the pages. i guess i just suck +__+?? i don't know *despairs more* i'll work harder to improve...
@raventsukino - i love tom lehrer *swoon*
@milky - HAHA no i.......... i guess you dreamt that.