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1 million versions of your best friend who has a crush on you. I can't imagine how this could go bad at all...
I have a solid throaty evil laugh that lasts for about 20-30 seconds and then ends with slowly saying, "Oh, yes" while inhaling which gives it really strange back tones and vibrato. For some odd reason, kids really love it when I do it, but I've been told by numerous adults that it disturbs them. Now I just need to join a powerful villain as his stand in laugher (for when he's too busy to do it himself, but it is needed for the look of things) as I'm way too lazy to be a villain on my own. >8^D
November 22nd, 2017

Yeah, he's earned this in spades (put in the substance that ruined her life and so many others, which also made them even more of a pariah in their society). Expect they may take the high road and deliver Mr. Nutso to the surface dwellers to show them that their hatred of the water breathers is only slightly misplaced.
@Broken Gear
100% agree with this. Kinny was trying to get away and tripped over Kevin. Then Kev jumped at him and started to throttle him prior to the threat of the glass shards.

Also, this tends to make me wonder how far forward Kinny's calculations truly are. Was the oil happenstance and initially a slip attempt, or was it to set up the natural fear and panic sensations that fires cause in humans? Either way, kudos.